Get the USA OUT of the UN & The WHO: Support H.R. 6645, S. 3428, and H.R. 79!
It's high time for the United States to leave the UN and the WHO; we can no longer accept global tyranny. We MUST put America first. Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health alert to inform healthcare centers and the public of a confirmed human infection of bird flu. Here's the issue: back in February, the Director of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, warned that it is very likely there will be an outbreak of "Disease X" and that it is "a matter of when, not if" a new pathogen and pandemic will strike. This makes the recent outbreak of avian flu all the more interesting, especially considering it showed up before May, which is when Tedros wants all members of the UN to sign the global pandemic treaty. It's clear that this avian flu is a ploy to kickstart another pandemic and force nations into a pandemic treaty, something the US must NOT accept or sign. Instead, the United States must pass the WHO withdrawal act, or H.R. 79, and The DEFUND ACT (H.R. 6645 and S. 3428) and get us out of the global health authority of the WHO and the UN!
Media hysteria over the avian flu has passed; however, the WHO and UN’s urgency for all UN nations to sign the pandemic treaty has not. WHO Director Tedros is still demanding that the pandemic treaty be signed and settled by May, which is only a week away.
Obviously, The United States should NEVER entrust a health authority with the power to dictate our nation's actions during times of turmoil. It is the exclusive right of American citizens to decide how we handle global pandemics, in accordance with our Constitution. Which is why Congress needs to cut ties with the WHO; they currently have a bill for it, House Resolution 79 (The WHO Withdrawal Act), proposed on January 9, 2023, by Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona's 5th District, awaiting much-needed attention and support.
But that's not all. The United States needs to sever ties with the UN as well. The UN uses the WHO, and vice versa, to manipulate and control nations that are part of the UN. This MUST end. No country, organization, or other entity should have the power to dictate what the United States can and cannot do. Looking at the current situation of our world, particularly regarding the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, the United States has time and time again been used as the UN’s piggy bank. We are the ones funding this organization, a deep state operation to install a one-world government. The UN has horrific policies it wants to put in place that go against the United States Constitution, like extreme gun control, mass migration, totalitarian “climate change” measures, vaccine passports, indoctrinating children with leftist ideology, establishing a centralized global police force, and so much more. Why would our nation be a part of an organization that goes against OUR Law of the Land? This relationship MUST cease, which is why the United States Congress must pass the pending legislation, “The DEFUND ACT (H.R. 6645 and S. 3428),” which would fully withdraw the United States from the UN and restore U.S. sovereignty.
This is why Congress must exit the WHO and LEAVE The UN! They must be told the people's will, and that will is that it's time to exit the WHO and UN. Our elected officials, who participate in UN summits, have let us down by failing to address this snake. They must represent us! They must work toward freeing the United States from the UN and severing ties with the WHO. Let’s not wait around until another “impending” global pandemic makes it easier for the WHO and UN to coerce the United States into global tyranny; let's leave this mess NOW! Congress, uphold your oath, defend our constitution, and safeguard our freedom. Leave the UN and reject the WHO, Congress! Support WHO withdrawal act, or H.R. 79, and The DEFUND ACT (H.R. 6645 and S. 3428)!