Tiered Justice: Joe Biden Sponsored The ‘94 Crime Bill and Hunter Biden’s Privilege of Escaping its’ consequence 


The Democrats 1994 Crime Bill sponsored by then senator Joe Biden, disproportionately affected black men putting black families at greater risk of generational incarceration cycles.

This bill was used to crack down on crack cocaine and other illegal drugs.  Mandatory sentencing laws and the withdrawal of educational aid to those who were found guilty of possession.




A disparity was created in the sentencing of similar drugs, crack cocaine vs powder cocaine. Five grams of the cheaper crack received a mandatory 5 year minimum sentence vs 500 grams of powder cocaine to trigger the same mandatory sentence. Crack cocaine was trafficked through predominantly black impoverished communities while powder cocaine was trafficked through wealthier areas like Hollywood and DC. 


Hunter Biden recent admittance of guilt in a criminal gun and financial crimes charge. Consider the lenient sentencing for, and purposeful blindness to hundreds of felonious activities documented in his laptop which the public has access to. He is immune to the consequences set in place by his own father.


New revelations of cocaine being discovered in the White House in an area that is not readily accessible except to close adjacents to the President. “Approximately 500 staffers”, which haven’t been drug tested. 


The White House expects taxpayers to believe that the Secret Service is unable to discover who this cocaine belongs to and has closed the investigation into the discovery while pressing no charges….. 


They are certainly incompetent, likely by design. How stupid do they think we are?