Fellow Conservative,

We have known for weeks that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump Presidential campaign. This isn't news. When the phony Trump “dossier” was published on Buzzfeed, it was revealed that Obama’s DOJ sought a FISA wiretap for Trump and his campaign associates.

The Democrats are trying to distract the American people with “Russia this,” and “Russia that.”

Democrats like Sen. Claire McCaskill condemned Jeff Sessions for meeting with the Russian Ambassador, only to end up with egg on her face when the Internet found proof that she also met with the Ambassador. Same goes for Nancy Pelosi.

But they are desperately trying to hide the fact that Barack Obama took a play out of Richard Nixon’s playbook and placed surveillance on the Trump campaign.

The Obama administration placed surveillance on the Trump campaign. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress investigate imprison everyone responsible for this!

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act establishes a secret court system to review government requests to monitor foreign spies and their accomplices in the United States.

In three decades, there have been over 35,000 petitions to the court. Of these, only 13 requests have ever been denied. More than 99.96% of the time that the Government asks for a wiretap, they get approval.

We now know that one of these 13 denials came this past summer when Obama administration officials tried to get approval to wiretap Donald Trump. They asked a FISA judge to grant them this authority and they were rejected.

Three months later, the Obama administration reportedly returned to the FISA judge with a more narrowly tailored request – targeting Trump associates, not the candidate himself – and their request was approved.

If Donald Trump were guilty of espionage, he’d already be in jail. If the FISA surveillance uncovered any illegality, then the Obama administration would have pounced.

In the middle of an election, the sitting President’s own Department of Justice filed paperwork in a secret intelligence court alleging that the opposing party’s nominee was a Russian spy. This is a big deal. Not since Watergate has a President presided over surveillance operations targeting his political opponent.

This requires a full investigation. Someone needs to go to prison.

Yes, the Obama administration did place surveillance on the Trump campaign. It is up to Congress to investigate and up to YOU to demand it. Send you FaxBlast now!

The Democrats never expected Donald Trump to win. They never expected that this surveillance would ever come to light.

Had Hillary Clinton won, this act of spying on political opponents would have been swept under the rug.  We would never have learned that the Obama administration was actually spying on the Donald Trump campaign.

But Hillary Clinton didn’t win and we know all of these details thanks to the liberal media outlets that have been trying to tear Donald Trump down. Their own reporting indicates that Trump Tower was tapped.

It was the Nixon administration that ordered agents to break into the Democrat National Committee headquarters in the Watergate building and tap their phones. Nixon was ultimately impeached not for the crime, however, but for trying to cover it up.

There are no Democrats left in the White House to cover this up. No Democrats in control of Congress to stonewall investigations.

It won’t be the cover up that lands Obama administration officials in prison. It will be the crime itself.

The White House has officially called on Congress to investigate this matter. The Democrats are crying “Russia!” at every turn to distract the American people from the fact that Barack Obama deployed the same spying technique used by Richard Nixon in Watergate. Period.

Obama is the new Nixon. Send your immediate FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they investigate and charge every Obama official who participated in this crime!

Yesterday, the entire media establishment was calling Trump crazy for alleging his wires were tapped. Less than 24 hours later, we know that the Obama administration tried for months to get a surveillance warrant and ultimately succeeded just days before the election.

Every single person involved in this political espionage needs to be imprisoned. But now that Attorney General Sessions has recused himself, it would be up to an Obama holdover at the DOJ to prosecute this case.

How can a DOJ official prosecute a case against political espionage that he and his colleagues were likely involved in?

No, this has to go through Congress.

Only Congress can prosecute this and it is up to YOU to demand that they get started!

The Obama admin did place surveillance on the Trump campaign. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND these criminal Obama officials be found and prosecuted!

This is worse than Watergate,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily