I am going to make this short and to the point. President Trump is demanding border wall funding and RINOs and Democrats are trying to block the wall from being built for the sixth time since the election.

Trump is done waiting for Congress to authorize his border wall. With the prototypes already built along the southern border, the President is ready to move forward with the wall. Yet, Congress continues to block border wall funding.

Well, on Friday, President Trump reminded Democrats and Republicans alike that he will not sign any immigration bill that does not include full wall funding.

"We need it," Trump told the NY Times in an interview. "We see the drugs pouring into the country, we need the wall."

Democrats are already threatening to shut down the government if a wall is included in the spending bill. They want full amnesty and an open border to allow as many illegals as possible to waltz right into the country. They only need a handful of turncoat Republicans to join them and then they'll be able to block the border wall funding entirely.

This is the next fight and it is coming down the pike now!

Build the wall! Join President Trump and DEMAND that Congress fully fund the border wall and the rest of his immigration demands!

President Trump isn't afraid to lay down the law. He just made it crystal clear that if Congress sends a bill to his desk without border wall funding, he will throw it in the trash. 

The President is also demanding an end to chain migration and the visa lottery. Currently, if someone wins the lottery and gets into the United States even though they have no skills, they're also allowed to bring their whole family over as well. 

All in all, Trump sent a list of 70 immigration demands to Congress dealing with securing the border and better enforcing our laws. The list is complete common sense. It includes passing Kate's Law, defunding sanctuary cities, requiring companies to verify all employees' citizenship, and streamlining the deportation process. GOP leadership had been ignoring these demands and holding amnesty surrender meetings with the Democrats. President Trump's warning is a shot across the bow to RINOs like Jeff Flake who want to give away massive amnesty.

These Leftists are already trying to defund the border wall project for the sixth time since the election. If they succeed, Trump will be blocked from building the wall for another year. Do not let this happen!

It's the end of the year and we all have a lot on our minds. But the President is still working to implement the agenda that We the People voted for. And he needs your help!

Don't let the RINOs and Democrats block border wall funding again! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to approve and build the wall!