It is truly amazing. The more Congress digs into the phony Russia allegations, the more evidence emerges of the Obama administration's crimes. Donald Trump is not even under investigation. But plenty of Obama's cronies are...

Loretta Lynch is now the subject of a Congressional investigation after evidence emerged showing she colluded with the Clinton campaign to interfere in the FBI's Clinton email investigation.

Susan Rice is now the subject of an inquiry, with both Chambers of Congress subpoenaing records of her involvement in the effort to spy on the Donald Trump campaign.

Bernie Sanders is even under investigation after the FBI launched a fraud probe into his wife's business dealings last week.

Hillary Clinton is back under the spotlight after the Senate began an inquiry into her pay-for-play politics involving India.

And acting-FBI Director Andrew McCabe - the man who was in charge of the Clinton email probe and is now running the FBI - is the subject of multiple FBI investigations examining whether his close ties to the Clintons and Democratic Party violate the Hatch Act.

If I had to pick one, Susan Rice is probably my favorite Obama criminal crony from this week. As you remember, she was asked a few weeks ago whether she knew anything about Donald Trump's assertion that the Obama White House wiretapped him. Rice flat-out denied it. Well, after news broke that she single-handedly unmasked surveillance of Trump campaign and transition officials, Rice was forced to admit that she spied on Trump.

Now, she is blaming you. You see, she says that the only reason you hate her is because she is a black woman. It apparently has nothing to do with the fact that she has built a career on lying to the American people...

Remember Benghazi and how it was apparently just a protest gone violent? I'd love to see what protests people go to and innocently bring RPGs, AK-47s, and mortars... Remember Bowe Bergdahl? Even though the intelligence showed that he deserted his unit to seek out the Taliban, Rice went on TV and declared that this deserter had served his country "with honor and distinction."

This woman covered for the Obama administration for years. But we've finally got her. The Obama White House tried to hide away evidence of her crimes in the Obama Presidential Library. We've just gotten word that those documents will be recovered. She's toast.

It's time to expand this to Obama himself! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress to DEMAND they force Obama to testify on what he knew and when he knew it!

We're now supposed to believe that the only reason she is under investigation is because we are all racists and sexists. That's the new narrative. She blames the fact that she is a black woman for the investigation now pressing down on her.

We're seeing the entire Obama apparatus come crashing down. Just yesterday, Rice was implicated in yet another lie. She went on the cable news shows and, like Hillary Clinton, declared that all 17 intelligence agencies agreed that Russia "hacked our election." Well, that's not true at all.

The New York Times was forced to publish a retraction yesterday, admitting that the number of agencies signing onto the report was four, not 17... An entire Democrat narrative was just revealed to be fake news.

If Susan Rice was going to retire into the sunset, I'd say just add it to the list of her despicable lies. But she's not going to get off scot-free. She is now the subject of a full-blown investigation.

Someone is going to prison. The only question is whether the President's National Security Advisor could be spying on the Republican nominee without her boss, Barack Obama, knowing about it. Considering that we know she put Trump intel into the President's daily briefing, it is getting harder and harder to imagine an outcome that doesn't include Barack Obama himself facing the consequences...

And that is what we are calling for today. It took them a bit of time, but Congress figured out how to seize the Rice documents that were hidden away in the Obama Presidential Library. Once the documents were discovered, Rice had no choice but to agree to testify before Congress under oath, which was just leaked out this week.

Susan Rice is going down. Loretta Lynch is definitely going down. The only question now is what did the former-President know about their crimes and when did he know it?

To get those answers, Obama must be subpoenaed and forced to testify!

No more deception! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they put Barack Obama under oath to answer for his administration's crimes!

This originally started out as a pipe dream. Forcing a former-President to testify before Congress, in public, and under oath? Slim-to-none chance.

But then the dominos started falling. One by one, they began to be implicated in the Obama administration's plot to help get Hillary elected.

Loretta Lynch worked that angle in the DOJ, not only ordering James Comey to stop calling the Clinton email investigation an "investigation," but also staging a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on her private jet. Susan Rice worked the other side, spying on Candidate Trump and his campaign/transition team.

Both report directly and take their orders from the President. The best case scenario for Obama is that he knew this was happening, but did nothing to stop it. Worst case for him? He was directly involved in the worst White House crime in American history.

More and more people are now publicly calling President Obama to have to testify under oath in public. 

Congress has to get to the bottom of this. Unlike the Fake News' Russia conspiracies, the more they dig, the more Obama crimes get revealed.

This is not a small ask. Calling on Congress to subpoena the former-President of the United States is a big deal. But it is now more than necessary!

I want nothing more than to move on from the 8 years of failed Obama policies. But these crimes demand a full investigation!

You've gotten Congress to come this far. Only YOU can get loud and demand they finish this!

Tell Congress to go after Obama's crimes! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and DEMAND the former-President be forced to testify under oath!