On Friday, the Senate passed a massive 675 billion spending bill to fund the country's defense and domestic entitlement programs. President Trump ordered them not to do this.

When Congress sent him a combined spending bill this past winter, Pres. Trump told Ryan and McConnell that he would never sign a bill like that again.

The GOP just spit in the President's face. If he wants to fund the Pentagon, then Trump will need to also approve all of the left's domestic spending programs.

The founders deliberately gave Congress tremendous power over appropriations. They called it the "power of the purse." Congress has the ability to decide which Federal programs are funded and which are killed.

But this most recent bill wasn't a conservative piece of legislation. It was indistinguishable from what we would have seen under a President Hillary Clinton. The Senate approved basic funding for the Pentagon and dramatically increased spending for entitlement programs. There's nothing conservative about it.

Democrats are celebrating. They essentially got everything they wanted without having to give anything up.

This coming week, the Senate will begin debating other spending bills. The Left is licking their lips. 

One of those bills is the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act. This bill will tell the Department what programs it can and cannot fund this coming year.

Democrats are excited because they have a chance to gut President Trump's immigration agenda. Not only are they now poised to block the border wall, but they are blocking Kate's Law and the sanctuary city defunding measures. As it stands right now, this bill would restore the catch-and-release policy at the southern border and block Pres. Trump from hiring the number of border patrol agents need to secure the border.

Why are the Democrats celebrating? Because the spineless GOP turncoats are more than happy to help them!

 Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Senator or Congressman who blocks the wall funding and opens up the southern border!

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (D) is the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He just released a statement celebrating the fact that Democrats were able to block ALL of President Trump's domestic budget plans.

Where Pres. Trump looked to cut spending, Leahy and the Democrats forced the GOP to increase it. The programs that Trump wanted to prioritize, Leahy got stripped from the bill.

Now, he is turning his attention to the Homeland Security bill. 

As we have covered in the past, this is the legislation that will determine whether the border wall will get built. Right now, the Senate's version of the bill includes 1.6 billion in border funding, but none of it is being appropriated for a wall. They will allow Trump to build the fences that are so small, children can climb over them... but no wall.

But that is not all that this bill would do. President Trump has asked Congress to approve adding three-thousand additional beds to ICE detention facilities. Chuck Schumer and the Democrats declared this was a "poisoned pill" and forced the GOP to take it out.

What that means is that ICE and Border Patrol will not have anywhere to put detained illegal aliens. The Senate's bill -- by denying them additional beds to house them -- will force ICE and Border Patrol to release the captured illegals. This is how sneaky the Left is. They know that if they deny ICE this funding, they will have no choice but to return to catch-and-release.

They have blocked amendments like Kate's Law -- to mandate prison time send illegal alien criminal repeat offenders. The Democrats are also blocking Sarah's Law, a bill that would force police departments to hand over illegal aliens who kill or seriously injure Americans. These are common sense bills that the Left has blocked.

But what is most shameful is that the Republican leadership has now surrendered on amnesty. The bill that McConnell is putting to a vote will completely fund all of Barack Obama's amnesty programs.

The Senate will begin moving this package forward on Monday. Tomorrow.

This is what it feels like to get stabbed in the back.

Are you going to take it? Or will you fight back!

 Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Senator or Congressman who blocks the wall funding and opens up the southern border!

If the Senate passes this surrender package, then the bill will go to the House. Paul Ryan will have a choice: he can either vote on the conservative bills that the committees approved, or team up with Democrats to pass the surrender package.

Every single time Ryan has been in this position, he chose to team up with the Democrats.

Every. Single. Time.

He is already promising to do it again. Instead of joining the President and pressuring the Senate to do its job, Ryan wants to take the easy way out. 

What does he care? Ryan's retiring in a few months and doesn't have to pretend to be a Conservative anymore.

President Trump has promised to veto any bill that reaches his desk without including his immigration funding. That includes the border wall and funding to help ICE and Border Patrol protect this country.

The GOP leadership is actually ignoring the President's demands.

There is no other choice. It is time to clean house in the GOP!

 Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Senator or Congressman who blocks the wall funding and opens up the southern border!

I am calling on all like-minded Conservatives to join me today in this fight.

Our goal is to bury Congress in half a million faxblasts demanding they vote for President Trump's conservative immigration agenda.

Most days, we deliver "requests" to Congress. Today, we are issuing a threat.

Anyone who blocks this border wall and immigration funding must be removed from office. It doesn't matter whether they have an R or D next to their name. 

Anyone who votes for the Left's immigration surrender package, or even just allows it to pass, will be kicked to the curb.

President Trump cannot do this without you. Will you please join this fight?

Please, you MUST send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Senator or Congressman who blocks the wall funding and opens up the southern border!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily