Yesterday, the GOP stabbed us in the back. 126 House Republicans joined Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to pass Jerry Nadler's FISA reauthorization bill.

The Democrats' bill was officially named the USA Freedom Authorization Act. I kid you not, that is the name these traitors gave to the bill that preserves the Deep State's power and allows the government to continue spying on innocent Americans.

There are literally FBI agents who are currently under criminal investigation for weaponizing the FISA process against the Trump campaign in 2016. You would think that Congress would want to, at the very least, wait to see how the law was violated before passing legislation to reauthorize it...

But both Democrats and Republicans joined forces to reauthorize FISA and preserve the Deep State's power.

Here is the good news: the fight is not over. The bill still needs to go to the Senate and, considering that their bill has its own differences, that means that the House will likely have to vote on it again.

There is still time to stop this betrayal, but you need to get loud right now!

Stop the GOP and Dems from selling you out! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and tell them you will remove anyone who votes for this FISA reauthorization bill!

It is stunning just how many Republicans teamed up with Pelosi to pass this bill.

But there were also 75 Democrats who defied their party leadership and voted against the FISA reauthorization bill.  More Democrats voted against it than Republicans...

Nancy Pelosi threatened to let the FISA law die completely unless Republicans helped her reauthorize it on Democrats' terms. Yesterday the GOP caved.

But the fight isn't over. Rand Paul and Mike Lee are racing to try to block this legislation from becoming law. But they need your help to stop it!

The deadline to pass a bill is Sunday. Both parties are now in a race against the clock to sell out the American people.

If you are going to fight back against this tyranny, it has to be right now!

Don't let Democrats and Republicans sell you out! Send your urgent FaxBlast and THREATEN to remove any Congressman or Senator who votes for this FISA reauthorization bill!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily