Democrats are still pushing a secret provision to make Obama's unconstitutionally-signed UN climate treaty permanent!

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell struck a debt ceiling deal. The agreement has two parts that will require two votes. The first vote will be to raise the debt ceiling for two years. The second vote will be on funding for all 12 of the different parts of the Federal government.

Nancy Pelosi promised that the final appropriations bills would include no "poison pill" amendments. These are provisions deliberately slipped into the bill to restrict the Trump administration from carrying out a certain policy or program. Immediately after the deal was struck, Democrats started lashing out at Pelosi. They accused her of surrendering to McConnell and the Right.

The Left knows that the Power of the Purse is their only chance to stop President Trump from Making America Great Again. And they are in a full blown revolt right now against Pelosi. Not just the rank-and-file, but Committee leaders too...

Here's an example: Maxine Waters is the head of the Financial Services Committee. She has been working on an amendment to block the Securities Exchange Commission from implementing ANY of the new regulations created after Trump took office. 

This is exactly the kind of "poison pill" that would supposedly be blocked under the debt ceiling deal. But Waters isn't backing down. As the Chair of the Committee, she is now promising that her amendment will make it into the final legislation, no matter what.

Pelosi's deal is already falling apart. Amazingly, she is what counts as a moderate in today's Democratic Party...

But the Left isn't just stopping at Wall Street regulations. They are renewing their push to stop President Trump from withdrawing from Obama's unconstitutional climate treaty with the United Nations! And the vote is this coming week!

Help Trump pull the plug on the Obama-UN climate treaty! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and BLOCK them from making this unconstitutional treaty permanent!

The Paris Climate Agreement is nothing but a global wealth redistribution scheme. It forces developed countries like the United States to adopt radical environmental regulations and then redistributes wealth to "developing countries" like India and China so that they can reduce their pollution. It is literally a handout to the very industries that are stealing American manufacturing jobs.

Obama had no right to do it, but he signed this treaty. Instead of putting it to a ratification vote, as the Constitution requires, Obama signed the treaty on his own and used his executive power to implement its terms. The EPA enacted stricter regulations to mirror those found in the Treaty and Obama reprogrammed the State Department's discretionary funds to give 3 billion to the UN.

All of this was unconstitutional. All of this was illegal. When Trump won, he vowed to withdraw from this treaty. But when Obama signed, he agreed that the United States would not withdraw until November 4, 2020. That is one day after the next Presidential election. Obama's idea was that if Trump beat Hillary, he would have to win a second term too in order to fully dismantle the unconstitutional treaty.

For two years, that has been enough to stop Leftists from freaking out. But if you look at the polls now, Trump is polling higher than Obama did at this point in his Presidency. With the economy as strong as it is, there is a really good chance that Trump will win a second term. Leftists are starting to realize this, and they are sounding the alarm. They are afraid that if Trump wins, he will be able to fully dismantle this unconstitutional treaty once and for all.

Democrats say they have a solution. It is a one-sentence amendment hidden on Page 220 of the House's State Department Appropriations Bill that would make it illegal for Trump to spend even a cent to formally withdraw from the UN treaty.

"None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act, or prior Acts making appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs, may be used to provide formal notification under Article 28 of the Paris Agreement of the withdrawal of the United States from such Agreement."

Trump has to formally submit a withdrawal letter to the UN in order to undo what Obama did. But no matter how you slice it, that requires Federal funding. This one amendment would cut off all funds and make it impossible to withdraw from the treaty (that Obama had no right to sign in the first place). 

In other words, the treaty, which was never ratified, would become permanent.

This amendment is still moving forward. Leftists are bucking Pelosi and promising to save Obama's UN treaty and the vote is coming before the end of the month!

We can stop them, but it has to be now!

Stand your ground! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this radical amendment before it's too late!

The Founders knew a day like this could come. They added the Treaty Clause to the Constitution to make sure that Presidents couldn't bypass Congress and impose international treaties on the country. That is why the Constitution requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate for a Treaty to pass.

But the Left's new amendment only needs a simple majority vote. It is nothing but an attempt the violate the constitution and force the United Nations' agenda onto the American people.

This fight is not over. With the final vote coming any day now, it it up to you to fight back and force Congress to strip this provision from the final spending package.

We can still pull the plug on Obama's unconstitutional UN climate treaty, but the window is closing fast!

Don't let Congress surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations! Send your urgent message to Congress right now and STOP them from pushing this radical amendment through!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily