Last week, Mitch McConnell brought the Defense Department appropriations bill to the floor for a vote. Unlike the House version of the bill, the Senate's legislation kept the funding for the border wall intact. Not only that, but it protected Trump's ability to move around more discretionary funding, if necessary, to complete the border wall project.

In other words, the bill was simply the status quo, almost exactly the same as the bill that Congress passed last year.

The bill needed 60-votes to move forward in the Senate. But when the Clerk read the roll call, the legislation only received 51-votes. Democrats blocked the bill from passing. 

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are now demanding that the GOP cut the border wall funding and agree to their other radical spending demands, otherwise they will let the government shutdown.

These people are so consumed by anti-Trump hatred that they are actually holding the country's defense and national security hostage to try to stop the border wall from going up...

The question now is, what are Republicans going to do?

Do you trust the establishment to hold the line and protect the border wall funding? I sure don't... The GOP has promised to secure the border for decades, but could never muster the courage to actually approve the funding.

We are in this situation precisely because the Republicans refused to fight for the border wall. John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell have all blocked the border wall from being built. 

Donald Trump is the first Republican to make securing the border a priority. He used his legal authority to declare a national emergency to fund the border wall on his own and the Supreme Court has already ruled this was Constitutional.

Right now, the Army Corps of Engineers is building a mile of border wall every day. They are on pace to complete over 450 miles of new 18-to-30 foot border wall over the next 12 months. Every single day, the border becomes more secure than ever before. 

Democrats know that if they want to stop the border wall, it is now or never. Once the contracts are signed and the funding is disbursed, they will be powerless to stop it.

So, they are refusing to vote for any bill that allows the construction to continue. They are blocking the spending bills for the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and even Health and Human Services because they all currently include funding for Trump to secure the border. The Left is willing to let the government shutdown in order to win this fight.

Republicans, however, are not. Mitt Romney now supports a "compromise" spending package to cancel the border wall in order to avoid a government shutdown. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander, Marco Rubio, and a handful of other Republicans are also negotiating with the Left over this.

The GOP is starting to cave after just one blocked vote...

As I said, the Pentagon is reporting that a mile of new border wall is being completed every single day. Border Patrol is also saying that these new sections of border wall are reducing illegal border crossings there by as much as 83 percent.

But now that is all in jeopardy. If the GOP caves to the Left's demands and agrees to strip the border wall funding from the bill, then it is all over.

You have the power to stop this. You have the power to hold Congress' feet to the fire and force them to protect this wall funding.

And I am not just talking about Republicans. Democrats are scared of having to vote against the border wall too. Even though Schumer was able to block the bill last week, Doug Jones (D-AL) and Gary Peters (D-MI) crossed the aisle to vote for the border wall funding. In the House, Democrats are equally terrified of having to go on record to cancel border wall construction.

They fear you!

It all comes down to this. The very future of our country is being decided right now. If the open border Democrats win, we will never get another chance to secure the border.

You need to fight back like your future depends on it... because it does!

No surrender... ever!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily