Christine Blasey Ford now has until Friday morning to notify the Senate Judiciary Committee on whether or not she will testify during Monday's hearing.

Remember, it was Ford who first accused Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her at a High School keg party. It was Ford who voluntarily came forward and revealed her identity to the Washington Post. It was Ford who demanded that Congress immediately hold hearings. 

Now that the GOP has called her bluff, she is refusing to show up. Christine Blasey Ford is now claiming, through her lawyer, that she isn't ready to tell her story. She is demanding that the FBI conduct a full investigation into her baseless claims before she will say anything under oath. After 35+ years of waiting, she still needs time to get her story straight.

This quote from her lawyer is my favorite: "The rush to a hearing is unnecessary and contrary to the committee discovering the truth."

This woman's lawyer is actually admitting that her client testifying would not help the committee reach the truth in all of this. Wow.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has now given her a deadline. If she does not rsvp for the hearing by tomorrow morning, then the Committee will move forward with a full vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation. 

But now, like always, some cowardly Republicans want to give her more time to stall and delay!

No more delays! Tell Congress right now that they MUST confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately, or else face the consequences in November!

Just so we're clear: this woman doesn't remember where she was assaulted, when she was assaulted, and every witness she claims was there has since come out and said they have absolutely no idea what she is talking about. Just yesterday, another person

After demanding a hearing, Ford is now refusing to testify until the FBI conducts a ful investigation. Her grasp of the facts is so bad, she needs the FBI to tell her what happened...

The FBI has already come out twice and said they will not be "investigating" this. For one, the Bureau doesn't have jurisdiction. Second, the statute of limitations passed decades ago. But most importantly, even if they did investigate, they have nothing to go on. No evidence, no witnesses, and the "victim" can't even say when or where it happened.

We would't be in this situation if the Democrats hadn't hidden this allegation. To this day, Senator Dianne Feinstein refuses to give Republicans an unredacted copy of Ford's original letter. For months, we heard from Democrats about how the American people deserved to see all of Kavanaugh's documents, and yet THEY were the ones hiding evidence for political gain.

We know that Christine Blasey Ford is an unapologetic Leftist. In addition to donating to both Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Party in 2016, she partnered with the ACLU to sue the Trump administration over border enforcement.

Now we have just learned that as a professor, Christine Ford has published eight studies supporting the abortion pill mifepristone and actually works for the company that produces it. She's just another liberal "resister" trying to defeat the President's conservative agenda by any means necessary.

Ford was given a deadline to confirm her attendance at Monday's hearing and she is still refusing to show up. It's time to move forward and finish this.

 Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and order them to confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately, or else!

The Democrats' strategy has always been to delay this confirmation as long as possible. At the very least, they want to stop Kavanaugh from being seated by October 1. That would prevent him from hearing the cases on the docket, allowing the 4-4 split to leave radical lower court rulings in place.

But their ultimate goal is much more sinister. They are trying to stall long enough to retake Congress. Then, they'd be able to block whomever Trump nominates.

A lot of my friends say that the Republicans and Democrats are the same. In some ways, they are. But the real difference is that the Democrats are willing to say or do anything to get what they want. They will stoop to new lows to protect and promote their agenda. They are willing to drag a sitting judge's name through the mud even if it means delaying the confirmation vote a few days.

We've told you the Republicans that we need to look out for: Sens. Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, and Lisa Murkowski. Democrats are pushing hard to get these RINOs to flip. If they can flip two, then it's over.

All four of these Republicans have threatened to torpedo Kavanaugh's confirmation if the accuser isn't allowed to tell her "story." None of them can be trusted.

This woman never had any intention of testifying. It was all just a plot to delay the confirmation... and it is working.

The only reason that GOPers are taking a stand is because conservative patriots like you are demanding it. 

It's time to finish this. Our demand to Congress is simple: move forward with Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation NOW!

Send your instant FaxBlast now! Tell Congress right now that there will be hell to pay if Brett Kavanaugh is not confirmed immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily