When Donald Trump took office, there were 108 judicial vacancies for him to fill. 

Conservatives everywhere celebrated this once in a lifetime opportunity to put real conservative judges onto the bench to reshape the Judiciary. 

Mitch McConnell pushed Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court and there have been a handful of appellate judges confirmed as well. But where the number of judicial vacancies sat at 108 on election day, today there are more than 170 vacancies or imminent vacancies on the bench (including three on the left-leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals). In the past month, Mitch McConnell has only advanced a net of 10 judicial nominations. 

When you add in the Executive Branch nominees who are being blocked, the total number of blocked nominees reaches almost 300.

The Democrats are able to block these nominees because of how the Congressional rules are structured. Under the rules, Democrats can demand 30 hours of debate for each and every one of Trump's nominees. This "debate" doesn't actually mean anything. Most of the time, the Senate chambers are completely empty. Democrats don't want to actually debate the nominees, but they know they can take up almost a day and a half for each nomination that reaches the floor.

With all of the vacancies Trump still has to fill, the Democrats have the power to force Congress to spend almost 340 days on nothing but Trump's nominations. That's practically an entire year. 

Under previous presidencies, executive nominees were pushed through because there was a belief that the President should be able to have the people he wants in his administration. Today's Democrats are refusing to let Trump fill the vacancies, which has left Obama holdovers in charge of vital government positions.

On the judiciary, Barack Obama stacked the courts with liberals. He teamed up with Harry Reid to cut Republicans out of the process entirely to push his nominees through.

Now that we finally have a chance to take this country back, the GOP leadership is refusing to act. They would rather let Democrats block all of Trump's nominees than give YOU the country you deserve!

Don't let them get away with this! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm all of President Trump's nominees!

Democrats were starting to relent a bit to allow Trump's nominees to reach the floor. Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel were confirmed with relatively little roadblocks.

But now, we just got hit with a new bombshell: It is starting to look like Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will be retiring in just a matter of weeks.

People have been speculating over this for months and now that June is upon us, the Supreme Court is about to end its term. When Kennedy hired clerks last year, the job posting included a warning that he could be retiring soon. If it happens, it will happen this coming month.

If Trump gets to add another Conservative to the Supreme Court, it's game over for the Left. That is why they are trying desperately to run out the clock on all of the other nominations. 

And the GOP leadership is just letting it all happen. It's shameful.

McConnell has said that he 'isn't ready' to change the rules to stop the Democrats from stalling all of Trump's nominees. He is more committed to the arcane rules than he is to making this Country great.

But now, Conservatives in Congress are starting to rebel. A bill was finally just introduced to change the Congressional rules to stop the left from blocking and stalling Trump's nominees. It would limit the debate time to just 8 hours for most nominees and only 2 hours for district judge positions. Instead of having to wait an entire year, this bill would let Congress fill ALL judicial and executive vacancies in in time for Labor Day.

Members of Congress are now demanding that Mitch McConnell go nuclear and start pushing Trump's nominees through.

We have a chance -- right now -- to change this country for generations to come. Do not let the GOP leadership cower to the Left's demands!

Demand action now! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm all of President Trump's nominees!

Democrats are hoping to retake Congress in this November's midterm elections. A net gain of just two Senate seats would give Democrats the votes to permanently block all of Trump's nominations for the remainder of his first term in office.

With the midterms less than 6 months away, we are literally talking about now or never

Across the board, Democrats are trying to deny Trump his victory and the GOP leaders who have the power to stop this are refusing to act. 

If they refuse to bust through the left's obstruction, then they must be removed!

 Ditch Mitch! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to start confirming all of Trump's nominees before it's literally too late!

Fight back,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily