The media is busy trying to make you focus on staffing at the White House. Meanwhile, the United Nations just tried to vote on taking more money from the United States to give to Palestinian terrorists.

Yes, the UN just tried to vote to demand more from you. The funding would have gone to the UN's Palestinian Refugee organization, which has proven ties to terrorist groups like Hamas. They tried to steal from you.

Ambassador Nikki Haley and the Trump administration blocked them by demanding the vote be postponed. But they can't hold them off forever. When the vote happens, it will pass and they will take more taxpayer dol lars to finance Palestinian terrorism.

That is why Congress must pull the plug on this hateful organization right now!

No more liberal policies! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the Cruz-Graham bill and entirely defund the United Nations!

Want to know what else the United Nations is cooking up? They are in the process of rewriting human rights law to explicity exclude unborn children. The UN's goal in the Human Rights Committee is to put in writing that unborn children have absolutely no rights.

By the way, your taxes are making this possible.

All of this has to stop. While the media is trying to force the people to focus on White House drama, the United Nations is literally on the warpath, trying to push their liberal pro-death agenda across the globe.

Right now, there is legislation before Congress that would end this all together. It is sponsored by Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham and is likely the only thing that these two men agree on at this point. They both threatened to rip the UN's funding away if they kept going after Israel. Trying to sneak a vote to give millions more to the Palestinian terrorists fits the bill.

President Trump has been hugely successful in rolling back asinine Obama-era regulations. He has also tackled the United Nations by withdrawing from the job-killing climate treaty and pulling funding from programs he has authority over. But he needs Congressional action!

The United Nations is trying to fill the void and make you pay for their social justice programs anyway.

Tell them NO!

Defund the United Nations now! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the Cruz-Graham bill and entirely defund the United Nations!

No more...