The House of Representatives is still trying to drag Trump's advisors in to testify. Even though the President of the United States has the right to exert executive privilege over communications between him and his staff, Congress impeached the President to exercising that right.

But while Congress is busy making up crimes to try to take Trump down, they are ignoring the clear crimes that were committed by Obama administration officials.

The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Period. Full Stop.

They concocted the ridiculous theory that Trump and his aides were Russian spies in order to secure a surveillance warrant to spy on the campaign. They only had the authority to spy on a few low-level Trump aides. So, the FBI used Obama official Susan Rice and UN Ambassador Samantha Power to unmask other Americans caught up in their surveillance net, so they could expand their investigations. And when their theory proved completely bogus, the Deep State covered up the evidence and lied to the Court so they could keep spying on Trump.

Comey waited until after the election to warn Trump that Russia may try to infiltrate his campaign. But instead of treating this as a defensive briefing, James Comey used this opportunity to spy on Trump even more. Instead of working with Trump to defeat any Russian interference efforts, Comey used the briefing to watch how Trump responded to the news. Immediately after the briefing, Comey ran down to his car and called the anti-Trump FBI agents to relay what he saw.

We know that FBI agents broke the law to spy on Trump and his campaign. And we know that this conspiracy went all the way to the top of the White House.

The day before James Comey went to Trump Tower on his own surveillance mission, he was at the White House, telling Barack Obama the FBI's plan to use the next day's briefing to spy on Trump even more. After laying it all out for President, Obama said just four words to James Comey: "Good luck with that."

The day before James Comey himself spied on Trump -- illegal surveillance because the investigation's predicate had already been disproven -- he not only briefed then-President Obama, but received his blessing.

We literally have evidence that the then-President of the United States knew about a rogue FBI Director's plan to spy on the incoming administration. Not only did Obama do nothing to stop it, but he encouraged them to keep spying on Trump.

The GOP has promised for months that there would be hearings. Lindsey Graham has swore up and down that he would subpoena Obama administration officials and drag them in to answer for their crimes.

But here we are, almost three years since we first learned about these Obama-era crimes and not one official has been held accountable. That ends today!

Lock them up! Tell Congress they must investigate and prosecute all Obama administration officials involved in this criminal surveillance... or else!

In the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin had a saying: "You show me the man and I will show you the crime."

The idea was that if the government wanted someone to be locked up, they could either invent a crime out of thin air, or simply watch them until they slip up and do something wrong.

It is often said that the average American commits three crimes a day. If the FBI bugged your phones, spied on your emails, and followed you around town, chances are they could eventually catch you doing something wrong.

That is what the FBI did to Trump's aides and associates. They lied to the FISA Court to get a surveillance warrant when they knew their Russian collusion theory had already been disproven, and used that surveillance warrant to spy on Trump's allies and find something they could use to prosecute them.

Not a single Trump aide was convicted for "collusion." They were all arrested for other crimes that the FBI discovered during their investigation. Most of them were process crimes, such as lying to the FBI.

All of this stems from the fraudulent application that was submitted to the FISA Court. None of these people would ever have been prosecuted, let alone investigated, if the FBI had closed their investigation when their theory was proven wrong. But instead of obeying the law and the Constitution, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok kept spying on Trump and his allies anyway. They were determined to find something -- anything -- they could use to prosecute them.

Their plan worked. There was never any evidence of collusion. But they were able to catch Trump's associates committing other, lesser crimes crimes. Josef Stalin would be so proud of Comey...

But now, we know that this conspiracy went all the way to the top. We have known for months that Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe briefed the White House on their Trump investigation. Now, we know that after the Trump-Russia theory was disproven, James Comey briefed Obama himself on his plan to continue spying on Trump, and the former President signed off on it...

This is the real scandal. 

But Congress is doing nothing. The GOP is just letting Obama and the rest of them get away with it!

Don't let Obama and his allies get away with this! Tell Congress they must investigate and prosecute all Obama administration officials involved in this criminal surveillance... or else!

I am tired of the talk. It is time for the GOP to start fighting fire with fire. Democrats don't care how many innocent lives they destroy. They only care about defeating Trump.

For three straight years, they have investigated this President. They threw everything they had at Trump, hoping something would stick. In the end, their case was so weak, they voted to impeach the President for non-crimes.

But over the course of this entire witch hunt, the only crimes that were uncovered were committed by Obama administration officials. And not one of them has even been charged with a crime.

Not one of them has been subpoenaed or dragged into Congress to answer for their crimes. The GOP higher-ups are protecting them...

It is time to fight back! It is time to force Congress to investigate these real crimes and refer all of these Obama administration criminals for prosecution!

Lock them all up! Tell Congress right now that they must investigate and prosecute all Obama administration officials involved in this criminal surveillance... or else!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily