Democrats and even some liberal Republicans are threatening a government shut down unless Trump drops the border wall and starts giving amnesty to all of the illegal aliens that Obama promised could stay. 

Last month, for the 4th time since last year's election, Republicans passed a budget bill without funding a wall along the southern border. Donald Trump has been ignoring the RINOs and moving forward with the project anyway. The prototypes have already been built (shown above) and are now being tested. But the Trump administration has run out of funding because the GOP didn't allocate any funds for a border wall in the last budget.

Their new budget -- which just passed recently -- allocates 4.1 trillion in government spending, yet the Establishment said they don't have enough to secure the southern border. Pathetic.

The Republicans had a chance right after the election to pass a spending bill to allocate funding for the wall. They refused.

On three separate occasions since Trump was sworn in, they had an opportunity to approve the wall. They refused every time. The GOP establishment has squandered an entire year of the Trump Presidency. They desperately wanted Hillary Clinton to win and spent the last year refusing to pass any of the President's agenda items.

Now, we're hearing that the Democrats AND even some Republicans are threatening a government shutdown if Trump gets his wall.

President Trump's response? Bring it on!

Don't let the left win! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to authorize Trump's wall and secure the border from all of these illegal alien criminals!

While the country was focusing on last week's tragic shooting in Sutherland Springs, there was another shooting in Texas that amazingly didn't get front page coverage. 25-year-old illegal alien Rolando Martinez got drunk late last Sunday and decided that he wanted to kill innocent people. He took a rifle and started indiscriminately shooting cars on I-35 outside of Austin, TX.

He ended up hitting four innocent people, even shooting a 7-year-old in the head. Based on the latest reports, this child was still in grave condition. We know this man was an illegal alien because as soon as he was arrested, ICE put a deportation detainer on him. Under the amnesty bill being pushed by Senate Republicans, this killer would have been allowed to stay in the country.

How many Americans need to die at the altar of political correctness? How many Americans must be victimized in order to keep the southern border wide open? We will never have a country and we will never have peace until we have a strong border. Period.

The Trump administration will deport Martinez, but unless the border is secured, he will walk right back into the country. Immigration agents just re-arrested the first illegal alien amnesty recipient that Trump deported. He was caught sneaking into the country again. That is why Democrats and liberal Establishment Republicans want an open border. They want to give amnesty to all of the illegal aliens here and then leave the door open for even more of them to come.

Nancy Pelosi gave a press conference this week and declared that Democrats would filibuster every spending bill and shutdown the government unless Obama's amnesty program becomes permanent and the border is left open.

Trump responded, 'go ahead.' Unless his immigration priorities are in the spending bills - including building a border wall - he will veto them and shut the whole thing down!

Here's the good news. Congress can still fund the border wall with just a majority vote in both the House and the Senate. The budget that was just passed authorizes Congress to pass legislation through the reconciliation process, meaning that Democrats would be powerless to filibuster and block it.

But we are running out of time!

Congress can still authorize the border wall, but time is running out! Quick, send your FaxBlast and demand that Congress fully authorize and build the Wall before it's too late!

The prototypes have been built. Out of the eight finalists, the Trump administration will now decide which design to roll out along the southern border. So far, Trump has scrounged funding from wherever he could to get these prototypes built. But now, he needs Congress to authorize the border wall.

Trump is already throwing down the gauntlet. He will not sign any future spending bill that does not include border wall funding. He has said that the next spending bill must include a border wall authorization or else a government shut down remains on the table.

But now, he needs you to help him finish this! It is up to you to force Congress to act!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to give Trump the funding he needs to secure the border from illegal alien criminals and build the wall!

Now or never.