Yesterday, Congressional leaders in both parties met to discuss passing a budget bill to keep the government funded. Democrats arrived making the same demands as before: full amnesty for illegal aliens and no border wall ever, or else they will shut down the government.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell should have walked away. Instead, they stayed and tried to negotiate with these liberals. Instead of realizing this would stab Conservative voters in the back, Ryan and McConnell are trying to figure out how to stab you in the back without you noticing. It has been widely reported that both of these GOP leaders want amnesty. 

So, President Trump is stepping in to make sure that the cowards in the GOP find their backbone, but he needs you and every other likeminded Conservative in this country to rise up as well!

 Don't let these GOP cowards surrender! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to block Congress from passing this illegal alien amnesty bill!

This all comes on the heels of major immigration-related accomplishments. 

Trump pulled out of the United Nation's migration pact, declaring that "we will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country." The UN won't be able to dictate which immigrants we accept anymore.

The man Trump chose to run ICE said in an interview yesterday that he wants to start charging sanctuary city politicians with crimes for knowingly and deliberately harboring illegal aliens and encouraging them to reside in the United States (yes, that is a crime).

Meanwhile, Federal Prosecutors are also throwing the book at Kate Steinle's illegal alien murderer, making sure that a liberal San Francisco jury is not allowed to just set him free.

President Trump is committed to fulfilling his immigration promises, but Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are about to pull the rug right out from under him.

Right now, there are spineless GOP members who are agreeing to give the Democrats their amnesty bill and block funding for President Trump's border wall. The result would be catastrophic and usher in a new wave of illegal immigration. The President is fighting back with everything he has and he isn't pulling any punches.

Today, he is joining the negotiations himself to personally issue his immigration demands.

A funded and constructed border wall, an end to chain migration, merit-based immigration reform, Kate's Law, and an end to sanctuary cities. 

Why is the GOP trying to undermine this?

 Send your FaxBlast and tell Congress that you will remove from office anyone who supports this amnesty surrender attempt!

The deadline for Congress to act is fast approaching and Democrats are demanding amnesty without any border security. The Republicans are so cowardly, they are actually considering giving it to them. It is literally now or never to kill this amnesty surrender.

Not only that, but for the seventh time since Trump's election, this new budget bill does not fund a border wall.

It is clearer than ever that Congress thinks they can actually get away with this without facing the wrath of the American people.

Your job, as an American, is to correct the record!

Our plan is to bury Congress today and tomorrow with at least three quarters of a million FaxBlasts forcing them to stand down and block this Democrat-RINO surrender pact. But we can't do this alone.

It is going to take all like-minded Conservatives rising up to put an end to this betrayal!

Please, join the fight and send your instant FaxBlast to Congress DEMANDING they kill this new amnesty surrender plot, or else be removed from office!