Trump's meeting yesterday with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi was must-see television. Trump brought the cameras in and showed the entire country what frauds the Democrats are.

It got so bad that Nancy Pelosi started begging Trump to send the cameras out of the room.

The President looked right into the camera and told Republicans and Democrats alike that he would be proud to shut down the government over border security because the border wall was that important. Never in our country's history have we seen a Conservative go toe-to-toe with the Democrats like this.

Nancy Pelosi flat-out dared the President to try to get border wall funding through Congress, declaring that House Republicans would never let it pass.

Immediately after the meeting, Trump's aides called Congress and ordered them to move forward with full border wall funding. They heard crickets from Paul Ryan's office.

And yet here we are, now just nine days from the deadline, and the GOPers in Congress are still refusing to budge.

Hold Congress' feet to the fire! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE the House and Senate to fully fund the President's border wall project before Pelosi takes over!

Yesterday morning, as Chuck and Nancy were on their way to the White House, Paul Ryan told reporters that he was excited Donald Trump was going to "negotiate" with Democrats over border security. Except yesterday wasn't a "negotiation." It was a bloodbath. Now, Paul Ryan is backpedaling as fast as he can.

Conservatives are revolting against the GOP leadership. Even Kevin McCarthy, the number two in the House Republican leadership, is now demanding a floor vote on full border wall funding.

Paul Ryan is retiring in just a few days. He thought he could just run out the clock and force Trump to accept defeat on the border wall. That is why Paul Ryan has, no less than half a dozen times, blocked border wall funding from reaching Trump's desk.

But with President Trump's veto and government shutdown promise -- not threat, promise -- Paul Ryan's plan is falling apart. Conservatives in Congress are rising up against the cowardly leadership.

The legislation is already introduced in the House. Senator Ted Cruz has also introduced a full border wall funding bill in the Senate. All we're waiting for is for Ryan and McConnell to schedule the votes.

But they're not going to do that.

Paul Ryan is pulling a play out of John Boehner's playbook. Whenever it came time to actually honor a conservative promise, Boehner would turn to the Democrats for help passing budget bills. He showed that he would rather fund liberal spending priorities than conservative ones.

Ryan knows he doesn't have much time left. He knows he has nothing to lose.

Not all lame duck Congressmen are abandoning border security. Rep. Bob Goodlatte is the current House Judiciary Chairman and is retiring at the end of the year. As Chairman, he is the one responsible for passing the border wall package out of committee, and he did so months ago. Today, he is calling out Paul Ryan for refusing to allow the bill to reach the floor.

There are nine calendar days before the deadline to fund the Department of Homeland Security. Every day that Paul Ryan is allowed to stall is another nail in the border wall's coffin.

The President promised when he won the Presidency that he would teach the Republicans how to win. He understands that this is now-or-never for the border wall and that is why he needs your help!

Don't let Paul Ryan block the wall from ever being built! Tell Congress right now that there will be hell-to-pay if they do not approve all of the border wall funding this week!

"The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 billion and got nothing, but they can't give 5 billion for national security and a wall," the President declared this morning on social media. Trump is absolutely right.

President Obama was able to take a pallet of 1.8 billion in hard currency and fly it to Tehran under the cover of darkness. But the minute that Trump asks for funding to complete the border wall -- a project that has been promised by EVERY President since Ronald Reagan -- he gets pushback from both Republicans and Democrats.

We are so close to winning this. For the first time, we have a President willing to do everything in order to fully secure the border and finish the wall project.

But the establishment isn't going down without a fight. Republicans and Democrats alike are rushing to block any border wall projects from ever being built.

This is a race against the clock. Will the establishment and their big-business donors win by blocking the border wall and opening up the floodgates for illegal immigration? Or will brave patriots like you hold Congress' feet to the fire and force them to protect this country?

I refuse to give up. I will not stop fighting.

Will you?

This is it. You MUST send your and instantly delivered message to Congress right now and FORCE Congress to fully fund border wall and President Trump's border security agenda.

Never stop fighting,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily