The fight to remove Obama and Clinton loyalists from the Federal government has been going on for months. However, with the revelation surrounding the fake anti-Trump dossier that the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party concocted, that fight is once again heating up.

Late last year, Buzzfeed decided to publish the text of the "Trump Dossier," a research project that made a number of outrageous and false allegations against the President and his aides. For example, it said that Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, was overseas meeting with Russian spies when in fact, he was touring the USC baseball facilities with his son and their coaching staff. The dossier was full of easy-to-spot falsehoods and nonsense fairytales, and even Buzzfeed admitted that its authenticity was questionable.

Which is what made it so ridiculous to learn that not only did the FBI actually reimburse the phony dossier's author for his "research expenses," but former FBI Director James Comey also presented the dossier to a judge last year to try to get a warrant to spy on Trump.

And we know why. The dossier was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee were the ones who paid to have this work of fiction written. They paid a foreign intelligence officer to collect Russian propaganda to use against Trump. And when the Democrats were finished with this fake news smear piece, do you know who hand-delivered it to the FBI?

John McCain.

What we are seeing is an attempt from both establishments to nullify an election. The Democrats created the dossier and a Republican handed it over to the FBI. Then, the Federal government used this piece of campaign literature to try to get a judge to sign off on a surveillance warrant of Trump and his advisors.

Someone is going to prison for this...

President Trump is clearing the way for Congress to take Obama, the Clintons, and all of their holdovers down. But you need to put the pressure on! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to begin immediate hearings into these Clinton-Obama crimes!

The whole Trump investigation is built on a sham. It is built on one of the many lies that emerged from the Clinton campaign headquarters last year to try to swing the election.

All this time, they have been investigating Trump but the truth of the matter is that it was the Clinton campaign, DNC, and elements of the Obama administration who colluded with a foreign source to try to influence the election.

Add in what we learned last week about the Clintons and their role in selling 20% of America's uranium to Russia and this is now a slam dunk case.

Not only did the Clintons receive 145 million from people who profited from the sale, and not only do we have proof that Bill Clinton met with Putin to discuss it, but we also now know there was an active investigation into the deal. Yet, every major Obama cabinet official - including Hillary Clinton - approved it anyway.

These two scandals combined have the power to take down the entire Democratic establishment and a lot of the Obama holdovers left in Trump's government.

President Trump is demanding that these criminals be flushed out, investigated, and prosecuted. However, the people at the DOJ and FBI who have the power to go after these crimes are all implicated in them.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein participated in the DOJ cover-up of the Uranium One crimes. Does anyone actually think that he will investigate himself?

What about Andrew McCabe, the #2 at the FBI who helped James Comey use the Clinton campaign's fake dossier to apply for a warrant to spy on Donald Trump during and after the election?

These scandals go all the way to the top of both the FBI and DOJ, and even have roped in the Clintons and Obama himself. This is truly a scandal of massive proportions and President Trump is demanding that those accountable pay for it.

Lock them all up! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to hold immediate hearings and fully investigate/prosecute these Obama-Clinton criminals!

Hillary Clinton is now claiming she knew nothing about the dossier that her campaign paid for and that this is all a vast right-wing conspiracy, which is the talking point the Clintons drag out whenever one of them is close to being indicted...

And that day is inching closer.

We know for a FACT that the Clintons pocketed millions from the investors in the Uranium One deal (which Hillary approved). We know for a FACT that everyone involved in the Trump investigation were responsible for covering these Clinton crimes up.

And now we know for a FACT that the entire "investigation" into Trump colluding with the Russians was built on top of a nonsense dossier that both the Clintons and DNC secretly paid for.

This is heating up and more and more Congressmen and Senators are jumping on board demanding full investigations. But we can't let up now. This is enough to bury the Clintons, Obamas, and all of their holdovers left in the DOJ and FBI.

President Trump just forced the Department of Justice to lift the gag order on the Clinton-Uranium One informant. Last year, Loretta Lynch threatened to throw him in jail if he tried to talk to Congress or the press about the cover-up. Thanks to Pres. Trump, he is now free to spill the beans but we are up against the clock! People who are about to testify about the Clintons tend to have random accidents or spontaneous changes-of-heart that block them from testifying.

Trump is doing his part, now it is time to hold Congress' feet to the fire!

Strike now!

Keep up the momentum! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to start dragging these Obama and Clinton criminals in to testify under oath!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily