Fellow Conservative,

President Trump came into office with a number of promises from the GOP establishment (GOPe). They were lies.

They promised an Obamacare repeal bill on day one. Here we are eight months in and John McCain just likely killed the Obamacare repeal for the second time.

They promised to take up Trump's immigration agenda, namely building the wall and enforcing the law as written. Yet, on Monday, McConnell and his allies will begin considering a bill that would make Obama's amnesty program (that Trump ended) permanent.

Honestly, go down the list and with the exception of the Supreme Court, Republicans in Congress have betrayed President Trump and the American people on every issue.

Yesterday, at a rally for Alabama Senator Luther Strange, President Trump admitted he likely made a mistake. He endorsed Strange because Mitch McConnell asked him to and he admitted that the loyalty was not returned.

"I'll be honest," Trump told the crowd about his endorsement, "might have made a mistake." He stuck his neck out for Mitch McConnell and got nothing in return. So, he's done waiting...

We're launching an all-out assault on the establishment cowards. Join the push and bombard Congress with FaxBlasts demanding they pass the Conservative agenda by any means necessary - including changing the GOP leadership - or else be replaced themselves!

In the last year of the Obama Presidency, Congress sent 329 bills to his desk for signature. So far this year, the GOP-controlled Congress has gotten just 60 bills signed into law.

This isn't by accident. This is purposeful. You have to actually try to get so little done. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are deliberately blocking bills from coming up for a vote. The numbers simply don't lie. They passed five-and-a-half times as many bills in Obama's last year than they have in Trump's first year.

McConnell and Ryan would have preferred a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Then, they would have been able to keep making empty promises without having to act on them. Now that they have a Republican President, they're hiding behind the "rules" and stopping all bills from reaching his desk.

They would rather do nothing than have to honor the promises they made the American people. Just look at Senator John McCain. He spent 7 years promising to repeal Obamacare. Yet when he had the opportunity to do that, he joined the Democrats to keep Obamacare alive not once, but twice. He doesn't care that Arizona Obamacare premiums went up by 118%. He has his healthcare and that's all he cares about...

There is a process to pass budget legislation in the Senate with just 51 votes, but as we've seen, all it takes is for three RINOs to vote no and the bill is killed. Otherwise, 60-votes is the magic number to get something passed in the Senate. Just so it's clear, that is seven votes short of the number of votes needed to amend the Constitution.

What this means is unless Republicans can get eight Democrats to sign on, nothing will reach Trump's desk. Conservatives refuse to vote for legislation that compromises with the Left and the establishment turncoats like John McCain refuse to vote for a bill unless it has bipartisan support. The result is nothing gets done.

So, Trump is dropping the hammer. Either Congress uses the "nuclear option" to reduce the magic number to 51 and starts putting bills on his desk or they will be replaced with Conservatives who will. That includes replacing Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. But he needs your help putting the fear into them!

Give Congress a crystal clear ultimatum: Tell them to either start passing the conservative agenda or be replaced by candidates who will!

The President tried to work with the establishment and they threw it back in his face. He has admitted he made a mistake trusting them.

So, he is making an all out push. If Congress won't start passing his agenda by any means necessary, then these obstructionist Republicans need to be replaced. That includes Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

It is now or never. The fight for the Conservative agenda is here and now.

When future generations speak of this time, I want them to know that I did everything in my power to defeat liberalism and take this country back. That is what I want my legacy to be.

What will your role in history be?

Seize this moment. Join the fight and force Congress to pass the Conservative agenda by any means necessary or else be replaced by someone who will!

The time is now,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily