When the President of the United States issues a veto threat, Congress usually listens. Even just a whisper of a potential veto was enough for Senate Democrats to circle the wagons during the Obama administration to stop controversial bills from reaching the White House.

This week, on no less than three occasions, President Trump has publicly threatened to veto this year's spending bills and shutdown the Federal government if Congress does not authorize funding for his border wall project.

The President is drawing a line in the sand. What is the GOP doing? Ignoring him and continuing with their plan to keep the border wall unfunded.

Trump is demanding that a border funding bill reach his desk by September 30 or else he will shut down the government. Mitch McConnell is flat out saying, 'no.'

Both McConnell and Ryan have declared that there will be no border wall funding until mid-November, after every Congressman and 1/3 of the Senate has stood for re-election. They claim it is to protect vulnerable Republicans from losing their seats, but the fact of the matter is that they're not doing this to fool Democrats... they're doing this to try to fool YOU!

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Think about it. The GOP leadership is promising to fund the border wall after the midterm elections, after you give up your ability to remove them from office. Once those elections are held, they have absolutely no incentive to approve border wall funding anymore.

They have been playing this game for 12 years. Congress first passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 to completely secure the southern border with a fence. It was so bipartisan that even then-Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted for it. But in every single budget bill since then, Congress has refused to appropriate the funds for it.

Right now, US law dictates that a border wall cannot be built. Paul Ryan didn't just leave out the border wall funding the last time around. He actually worked with the Democrats to pass a bill that expressly prohibits a border wall from being built. Inside the last omnibus bill, there is a clause that prohibits any of the government's funding from being used to build President Trump's border wall prototypes.

Just so we're clear on what the GOP is trying to do: They want to pass a budget bill that will once again prohibit any border wall construction and then once the elections are over and We the People lose our leverage, they are "promising" to undo that and give the President the funding he needs.

The days of trusting the Republican leaders are over.

It's a laughable promise, the same one they made last year. It will never happen. Which is exactly why the GOP leadership is pushing for this plan.

We have all of the leverage right now and they know it. President Trump is promising to shut down the government and Conservative voters hold the power to remove all of these spineless Republicans from office.

The GOP thinks that Conservatives will come along to the polls and vote to send these cowards back to Washington simply because there's an (R) next to their name. But, considering that many of these so-called conservatives are backing the Left's gun control and amnesty proposals, they truly have become Republicans-in-name-only.

Congressional leaders tried to laugh off President Trump's threats and he put them back in their place. Now it is up to you!

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This week, a story broke out of Texas that the mainstream media is refusing to cover anymore. Originally, there was a reported active-shooter situation in a mall in the border city of McAllen, Texas. Of course, reporters rushed to get there in the hopes of getting yet another news story to push the gun control agenda.

But when the reporters arrived, it turns out it wasn't a mass shooting. No, a gang of seven armed illegal aliens had tried to rob a jewelry store. The story was reported and then fell out of the headlines. A gang of armed illegal aliens robbed a jewelry store in a border city and the mainstream media doesn't care.

By now, you might be wondering about the image that I've included at the top of today's article. That is a photograph of the border fence near McAllen, Texas. There, the tall bollard fence abruptly ends and is replaced by a three-foot tall chain-link fence, the same kind of fence that you'd find in a city park. A 7-year-old could climb over that...

I am mentioning this incident to show you just what is at stake here. Republicans and Democrats have deliberately left the border unsecure. The McAllen border fence abruptly stops because every year, Congress refuses to let it extend any farther. It isn't a coincidence that 7 armed Mexican illegal aliens tried to rob a jewelry store just six miles away from that pitiful border fence.

There is no telling the damage that could have been done had those illegals chosen to open fire. There is no way to count how many Americans are victimized every day because the border is left unsecure.

President Trump is right. It is time to make our stand. We cannot sit by any longer while the GOP leadership puts their own careers over our national security. It is time to use every bit of our leverage to force full border wall funding.

That means hitting Congress with everything we've got!

Stop Ryan and McConnell before it's too late! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall, or else!

The President isn't backing down and neither can we!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily