The GOP has officially notified the White House that they do not have the votes to save the border wall project's funding. They are going to cave to the Left's open border demands...

Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) (shown above) is not a household name. But as the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Shelby gets the final say on what spending bills do and do not get a floor vote. All spending packages must get his approval.

And Shelby has just informed the White House that President Trump will need to abandon the border wall in order to keep the government funded next year.

The GOP is already admitting that they are going to cave and pass a spending bill that cancels the border wall construction. And they are ordering the President to just accept it!

Right now, Democrats and Republicans are negotiating on 12 bills to keep the government funded through next year. But the Left is refusing to pass ANY of them unless the GOP agrees to pull the plug on border wall funding.

As you know, Donald Trump used his power under the National Emergencies Act to move funding around to get the construction started. Crews are now completing approximately one mile of new border wall every single day.

Democrats and Establishment Republicans were furious. They voted TWICE to pull the plug on the President's national emergency. Each time, dozens of Republicans joined the Left to help the bills pass. Donald Trump ultimately vetoed both measures and the Establishment didn't have the votes to override it.

You see, the Dems and GOP didn't have any leverage. They had nothing to use to pressure Trump to sign their open border bill.

But now that the appropriations deadline is a little more than a week away, all of a sudden the Establishment has their leverage. The House's Pentagon and Homeland Security funding bills both include amendments to cancel all border wall construction and revoke Trump's funding. Combined, they would outlaw all border wall construction. The Trump administration would not even be allowed to repair existing wall or fencing.

If Trump vetoes their bill this time, then the entire Federal government would shut down too. Government employees, including military families, would stop getting paid and many social services that Americans rely on would shut down too.

Sen. Shelby said this week that if Congress sends Trump a spending bill that places restrictions on border wall construction, he should simply sign it. "I would say to anyone, including the President, let's don't shut down the government," Shelby said.

If an anti-border wall bill reaches Trump's desk, it will only be because Shelby and the Republicans completely caved. But the GOP is already telling Trump to expect this betrayal. They are already preparing to surrender.

And it is happening this week!

 Don't let Congress surrender the border wall! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect Trump's border wall, no matter what!

I have waited my entire life for a President to actually secure the border. Donald Trump is the first man to actually keep that promise.

And now that the border wall is actually being built -- a mile of new wall going up every day -- the cowards in Washington DC want to pull the plug on the project and shut it all down.

They are setting the stage for the biggest surrender we have ever seen.

Do not let them stab you in the back!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily