Tomorrow is the day! The Judiciary Committee is set to finally vote Judge Amy Coney Barrett out of committee.

From there, Mitch McConnell is expected to send the nomination to the floor for consideration. The Senate will "debate" over the weekend and then a final up-or-down confirmation vote will take place on Monday.

Lots of moving parts and if anything goes wrong, Barrett's nomination could get delayed.

People have been emailing asking us why we keep saying it is so important for Barrett to be confirmed as soon as possible. Well, the Supreme Court just showed us why. John Roberts sided with the Leftists on the bench to keep a Pennsylvania mail-in ballot policy in place. Because the Supreme Court did not have a ninth Justice to break a deadlock. The 4-4 split left in place a Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruling that says Pennsylvania elections officials must accept delivery of absentee ballots for three days after election day, even if the ballots don't have a postmark.

Over the next week, the Supreme Court is set to begin considering and hearing dozens of cases. We cannot afford to allow John Roberts to control the Supreme Court anymore. Adding Amy Coney Barrett to the bench would ensure that when the next round of election cases come before the court, Roberts will be powerless to side with the Democrats...

Democrats know this. That is why they are now promising their supporters that they will block Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation by any means necessary!

Don't let the Democrats delay Barrett's confirmation! Quick, you must send your urgent letter to Congress right now and DEMAND they immediately confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court... or else!

The easiest way for the Left to do this is by denying Lindsey Graham the quorum necessary to vote Barrett out of committee. The rules state that there need to be at least 9 Senators present for the committee to conduct business and at least two of them must be from the minority party. Meaning, if no Democrats show up for the committee hearing, Amy Coney Barrett's vote would be delayed.

Democrats pulled this stunt over the Summer to block Lindsey Graham's proposal to change the country's asylum laws. Dianne Feinstein showed up to criticize the bill, but every other Democrat stayed outside the hearing room, denying Graham the necessary votes to advance his legislation. It took weeks for another hearing date to be agreed-upon and for the legislation to finally pass.

We can't afford to wait weeks. Democrats are rolling out their cheat-by-mail schemes nationwide. John Roberts has shown that he can no longer be trusted as a "conservative" Supreme Court Justice. These days, Roberts sides with the Leftists more often than he sides with the Conservatives...

If Amy Coney Barrett is not on the bench when the next election cases come before the Supreme Court, the election will be stolen.

Democrats know that they don't need to permanently block Barrett. They only need to delay her confirmation a few days.

Now, we are seeing Chuck Schumer and other Democrats claiming that Barrett didn't hand over copies of all of her public speeches. They claim that she gave remarks to a pro-life club at Notre Dame and that her prepared remarks were not given to the committee.

This is the same stunt they pulled with Kavanaugh. At the eleventh hour, Democrats claimed they needed more time. And the spineless Republicans folded like cheap suits. They caved to the Left's demands and agreed to delay Kavanaugh's vote for an extra week. What followed was the most shameful display in Congressional History. Democrats used that week to smear Kavanaugh, calling him every name in the book and even accusing him of being a rapist. In the end, Kavanaugh was confirmed. But his nomination almost failed.

With Amy Coney Barrett, Democrats are hoping for a repeat. They are demanding a week-long delay. Schumer even has attempted to force the Senate to go out of session...

We know that Susan Collins (R-ME) is going to vote against Barrett. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is still not sure how she'll vote. Democrats only need to flip one or two more GOPers in order to throw a wrench in the entire process.

You CANNOT let that happen!

Don't let the Democrats delay Barrett's confirmation vote! Send your urgent letter to Congress right now and DEMAND they immediately confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court... or else!

We are calling on all Conservatives to join our campaign today and help us put maximum pressure on Congress to do the right thing and confirm Amy Coney Barrett on-schedule and as soon as possible!

Chief Justice John Roberts has flipped. For all intents and purposes, he is a Leftist. He cannot be trusted to stop the Left from stealing the election. 

There are half a dozen other election related court challenges making their way up to the Supreme Court. Democrats know they only need to delay Barrett's confirmation a little bit in order to win those cases.

It is now down to the wire. You must fight back and force Congress to confirm Barrett before it's too late!

Don't let the Democrats delay Barrett's confirmation vote! Quick, you must send your urgent letter to Congress right now and DEMAND they immediately confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court... or else!

Stop the steal!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily