For three straight years, Democrats and their establishment Republican allies have worked overtime to stop the border wall from going up. Their efforts almost worked...

Luckily, President Trump and his team found a way to legally and constitutionally re-route funding from other programs in order to get the wall built. A lot of this was common sense. Trump reprogrammed DOJ anti-drug trafficking funding to help build the wall. He also dipped into the military construction fund, since the border wall was declared a national security project.

The Trump administration is still slated to have completed 500 miles of NEW border wall by early next year. They had hoped to complete it all this year, but the Chinese Virus pushed their timetable back a little bit. Luckily, the construction crews are picking up the pace.

A month ago, the administration celebrated 200 miles being completed. Today, the total sits at 245 miles of NEW border wall.

If Democrats get their way, however, construction would shut down this month. That's right, the Left is holding a vote this week -- most likely TOMORROW -- on a DHS spending bill designed to cut off all funding to the border wall construction project!

Don't let them defund the border wall!  You must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and force them to KILL the open border and anti-border wall amendments hidden inside the DHS spending bill before it's too late!

Last year, Nancy Pelosi didn't even bother advancing the Homeland Security Appropriations Act. She knew it was too radical to pass as a standalone bill, so she didn't even waste everyone's time.

This year, however, she is giving the bill the green light. It is still packed to the brim with anti-Trump and pro-illegal immigration amendments.

Let me give you a feel of just how radical it is. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) is the Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security. She released a statement promising Leftists that the bill "includes no funds for border barrier... providing no authority to transfer funds between accounts and only limited authority to reprogram funds within account." In other words, border wall construction would end.

Amazingly, the bill actually goes even further than that. The H-2A program is designed to bring workers into the United States in order to work temporary and seasonal agricultural jobs. But an amendment filed by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) would require that H-2A holders be admitted into the US "without regard to whether they will engage in work that is temporary or seasonal in nature." (That is a quote).

Cuellar has also introduced an amendment to make it illegal for the Trump administration to deport anyone who is the subject of an immigration amnesty bill that has already been introduced in Congress. So even if Congress cannot pass an amnesty bill, this amendment would protect millions of illegal aliens from deportation simply because there has been a bill introduced to give them amnesty.

Other amendments were added to force ICE to release illegals from detention and reinstate the Obama administration's catch-and-release policies. All of these amendments passed by voice votes, so Republicans didn't have to go on the record with their votes...

This is just a piece of what Democrats are rushing to the floor this week for a vote. But this alone is enough to justify killing the entire bill.

Republicans, however, care more about avoiding another shutdown. They would happily shut down border wall construction and release illegal aliens into the country if it meant they could escape being blamed for a government shutdown. They are cowards.

It is up to YOU to hold their feet to the fire!

Don't let the Democrats pull the plug on border wall construction!  Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and force them to KILL the open border and anti-border wall amendments hidden inside the DHS spending bill, no matter what it takes!

This is all coming to the floor by the end of the week.

Democrats don't trust Joe Biden. They don't trust him to be able to beat Donald Trump. If they did, they wouldn't be fighting so hard to defund the border wall.

But they also want to make sure that Donald Trump cannot fulfill his biggest campaign promise. 500 miles of NEW border wall are slated to be completed by next January. Right now, there are 245 miles of new border wall completed. Democrats know that if they can pull the plug on funding now, they can cut the border wall's length in half.

You must rise up and stop this. 

There are dozens of Democrats up for re-election this November in Trump-won districts. Even just the slightest amount of pressure and they will fold. They care more about preserving their own career than they do about open borders.

And the only reason the GOP is backing this is because they think they can get away with it. It is up to YOU to prove them wrong!

There is still time to stop this, but the window is closing fast!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and force them to KILL the open border and anti-border wall amendments hidden inside the DHS spending bill before it's too late!

Stand up and fight,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily