Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer refused to pass any coronavirus relief yesterday unless the GOP agreed to approve their amnesty, bailout, and vote-by-mail demands. They demanded that tens of millions of Americans continue suffering unless Republicans caved and gave them what they wanted.

Trump is calling their bluff. Today, he is signing a half dozen executive orders to get the American people the relief they need.

You would think the GOP would be applauding. But instead, they are teaming up with the Left to stop him!

Don't let the Republican cowards pull the rug out from under the President! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and order them to DEFEND Trump's executive orders and STOP Pelosi from forcing her radical agenda through!

Today, at 3:30 PM Eastern, Donald Trump is signing a flurry of executive orders to help stimulate the economy and put money into the hands of Americans who need it. All of these orders are legal and constitutional, which is what makes this different from the Obama years...

Trump is temporarily suspending the collection of payroll taxes, which will instantly give Americans (both employees and the self-employed) a pay raise. The law allows Trump to do this in times of economic emergency.

The President is also extending the moratorium on student loan repayment and suspend evictions, which he has the legal right to do, And using the legal authority that Congress has granted the President, Donald Trump will sign an executive order 

The only reason any of this is necessary is because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have refused to allow any stimulus bill to pass unless it includes the most radical parts of the so-called Heroes Act. They are demanding amnesty for illegals, a 1 TRILLION bailout for states like New York, Illinois, and California (which were going bankrupt before the pandemic), and universal, no-questions-asked mail-in voting.

Tens of millions of Americans have been left to suffer for a week because Democrats want to use the pandemic to push through their radical agenda. Yesterday, Pelosi and Schumer refused to budge in their demand and went home for the weekend. So, President Trump is taking action himself. He has no choice.

Amazingly, the biggest pushback he is getting is from Republicans. Establishment Republicans would rather Trump ignore the plight of Americans than use his lawful and constitutional executive powers...

Don't let the Republican cowards pull the rug out from under the President! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and order them to DEFEND Trump's executive orders and STOP Pelosi from forcing her radical agenda through!

What Trump is doing is genius. By signing these executive orders, he seizes the leverage on these negotiations. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats won't be able to hold the American people hostage.

We expected Democrats to be angry about this. But what we didn't expect was how many Republicans would be opposing Trump, simply because they don't want him to sign executive orders. As we reported, Senators Romney, Collins, and McSally are trying to push through a "compromise" relief bill in order to avoid Trump having to use executive action.

Think about this. The Far Left is holding American families and businesses hostage to try to get radical proposals like amnesty signed into law, and instead of working with the President to stop them, the GOP is trying to "compromise" with the Left.

Pelosi and Schumer are literally demanding nationwide mail-in voting this election. When California and Nevada tried mail-in voting during the primary, they each ended up sending out hundreds of thousands of ballots to voters that either didn't exist or didn't live at the addresses on file. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were literally rejected because the voter filled out the ballot wrong, didn't exist, or there was no one at the address on the voter rolls. In New York City, 20 percent of ballots in this Spring's primary election were thrown out because they weren't filled out right or the signatures didn't match. Virginia just sent out a half million mail-in ballot applications that contained "incorrect information," meaning the voter didn't exist or didn't live at the address on file.

That is what the Left is counting on. They are counting on Universal Mail-In voting resulting in GOP ballots being tossed out and Leftist votes flooding into the polling places (with the help of "ballot harvesters"). They want to steal the election.

Pelosi and Schumer are demanding that we "meet them halfway" on mail-in ballots. How do you meet someone halfway when they are unapologetically trying to steal the election? Should the Left be allowed to steal half of the election? It makes no sense.

And yet, the GOP is doing just that. Within minutes of Trump announcing he was signing these executive orders, Republican turncoats were already scheming to side with Pelosi and help her undo them. They hate the President so much that they would rather the American people continue to suffer than allow him to come out of this looking good.

There is no winning with these people. Even when the President succeeds or gains ground, establishment GOPers are waiting to pull the rug out from under him...

That is why it is so important for you to fight back NOW!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily