Click HERE to fax Congress and preserve charitable giving this holiday season

For most Americans, the Christmas season is a time of giving and sharing.  Not only do we buy gifts for our friends and family but many of us also donate to charities over the holidays to help those less fortunate.  Whether it is “Toys for Tots” or the Salvation Army, the holiday season has historically been a time when Americans line up to help the less fortunate. 

Unfortunately, this season President Obama is playing the part of the Grinch who stole Christmas.  Obama and his liberal Congressional cronies want to end tax deductions for charitable giving.  You read that right: President Obama and Congressional Democrats are attempting to not only raise taxes on the middle class without cutting spending; they also want to take away charitable donations from the needy and funnel that money into more Socialist spending! 

It is almost impressive; President Obama is so good at taxing Americans that he finally found a way to tax charitable donations.  This new plan of his is just another way to make hard working Americans pay for his bizarre and radical agenda of wealth redistribution in the United States.  Essentially, President Obama is forcing tacit acquiescence to his liberty and Capitalism stealing policies by adding this new tax component to the charity.  If you want to help the less fortunate, you have to help fund Obama’s Socialist government first. 

It is disgusting and indicative of the type of people these snake in the grass liberals really are.  On the campaign trial they pretend to be egalitarian men and women of the people. Behind close doors they become snakes in the grass, stealing money anywhere they can find it; that includes the orphans, the elderly, the infirm, and the mentally handicapped. 

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These Democrats have proven that they will do anything to fund their Marxist agenda; evidently that now includes taking advantage of society’s most vulnerable.  The sweet aroma of deception is quickly turning into the ghastly odor tyranny as charitable groups realized that they would no longer be able to provide funds and services to the needy if the government steals away the tax deduction that incentivizes charitable giving.   

His second term hasn’t even started yet and President Obama has already ditched the sheep clothing and his showing his fangs.  Just wait and see what he will do once he takes away your guns.                                 

Click HERE to fax Congress and preserve charitable giving this holiday season

These charitable groups are feeling duped.  They thought the President wanted to help the less fortunate; turns out he was just looking for a way to tax the needy.

Diana Aviv, the President of Independent Sector, an organization representing nonprofit groups, said “It’s all castor oil…the members of the nonprofit sector I represent don’t want any part of it. It’s a medicine we’re not willing to drink.”

Another nonprofit professional stated that the proposed changes to the tax code would be “devastating”.

Essentially, Democrats are attempting to cap how much tax-free money people can give to charity.  So to pay for welfare, we have to create a clever way to tax very individuals that the welfare funds are ear marked to assist.  This is stupidity scaled out to levels rarely seen by the human species.  This is big government. 

Nearly 40 million people will claim the charitable deduction on their tax returns this year.  That may soon change if we don’t act soon.  Kenneth Kies, a lobbyist working for nonprofit groups attempting to save the deduction, stated, “You don’t need to be a Nobel economist to figure out that if you lost the deduction, people would have less of an incentive to give”. 

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President Obama is attempting to limit that giving all so that he can pay for all failed policies, bailouts, and spending programs that are driving our economy into the ground.  This man will stop at nothing to ruin Christmas for countless families in need across the country. 

Stand with us and save Christmas for those less fortunate.  We can’t let President Obama and his Congressional Democrats destroy the very tax provision that protects and assists the less fortunate!  We absolutely cannot let these Socialist rob from the poor to give to the government.  We must put a stop to this now.  Fax Congress and tell them that you will not accept any change to the charitable giving section of the tax code unless it will allow for greater private contributions to the needy.  Don’t let the Obama Grinch steal Christmas!   

Click HERE to fax Congress and preserve charitable giving this holiday season


Tony Adkins