When President Trump delivered his budget request to Congress, he asked for 8.6 Billion for border wall construction over the next year. Democrats countered with a proposal to grant NOTHING for border wall construction. Not a single dollar.

Not only would the Democrats' bill cancel all border wall funding for next year, but it would claw back the 3.6 billion of Pentagon funding that Trump reprogrammed in his border wall executive order.

Donald Trump is doing exactly what he promised. He promised to build the wall and when Democrats refused to cooperate, Trump used all of his executive powers to secure the funding on his own. And now that the crews are finishing up the first 100 miles of new borders wall, the Administration just announced they have finalized the contracts to build an additional 400 miles of border wall over the next 11 months.

When Trump ends his first term, the country will have double the pedestrian fencing that was in place in 2016. Trump promised to build the wall and despite all of the Republican and Democrat backlash, he is still fulfilling that promise. 

For years, we have been fighting for the border wall. We have never been so close to victory. But this week, Congress will begin advancing a bill to shut the border wall construction down for good!

 Don't let the GOP cave and pull the plug on the border wall construction project! Tell Congress that they MUST protect Pres. Trump's border wall funding by any means necessary... or else!

So far this year, Democrats have forced two votes in the House and Senate to overturn Trump's order and defund the border wall. Each time, the Left got two dozen Republicans to sign on and pass their anti-border wall bill. Twice, Republicans have helped Democrats send an anti-border wall bill to Trump's desk and twice, Trump has vetoed their attempts.

The Left realized that they needed one of two things to finally kill the border wall: (1) a two-thirds supermajority or (2) leverage to force the President to sign the measure.

Democrats know they won't be able to get many more Republicans to flip against the President, so they have spent the better part of the year searching for leverage. Now, they believe they have found it.

Democrats have now attached their anti-border wall bill to the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Bills. Their amendments would make it illegal for Trump to even spend a cent on border wall construction next year. The President wouldn't even be allowed to repair existing sections of fencing. Democrats are threatening to hold our national security hostage unless the GOP caves and abandons the President on the border wall.

And here is where it gets really despicable. Approximately 5.5 million Americans work in the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Most of them are in the military. If the GOP doesn't cave and pull the President's border wall funding, Democrats are now threatening to stop these Americans from being paid over the Christmas holiday. They are using military families as pawns to try to score political points against Trump.

Now, I know what you're saying. Even if the Democrats vote to cancel border wall funding in the House, the GOP still controls the Senate.

That is true. However, Senators Roy Blunt (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Lamar Alexander (TN), Jerry Moran (KS), and Marco Rubio (FL) all sit on the Senate Appropriations Committee. They will get the final say on whether the Left's anti-border wall measure survives and reaches the floor for a vote.

All six of them have already joined Democrats this year to vote to cancel Trump's border wall order. And the Democrats only need to flip one of them this time to get their anti-wall amendment through committee...

Construction crews are completing approximately one mile of new border every single day. We have never been so close to victory. But with these GOP traitors so eager to turn, we have also never been this close to defeat...

Whether you like it or not, this is happening this week. The very future of our country will be decided over the next 7 days.

The only question is: What are you going to do about it? Are you going to step aside and let these traitors pull the plug on the border wall project when we are so close to victory?

Or will you stand up and fight back right now?!

Now is the time to fight!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily