Back in April, the Iowa state legislature voted to pull all funding from Planned Parenthood, taking away 2.7 million in state funding. The abortion company immediately criticized Iowa's Governor as being anti-woman, apparently forgetting that Gov. Kim Reynolds is, in fact, a woman.

Now, half a year since that bill passed, Planned Parenthood is being forced to close four of its twelve Iowa abortion clinics in Iowa, including one that has been open for two decades. This is what it looks like when these butcher shops lose their state funding. Can you imagine what we'd see if Congress pulled federal funding as well?

That is how reliant Planned Parenthood is on government funding. Abortions and abortion-related procedures make up the majority of Planned Parenthood's revenue, yet we're supposed to believe that Federal funding doesn't touch the abortion side of the business. What we see in Iowa, however, is that the abortion organization's math just doesn't add up. If the majority of their revenue comes from abortions, and Federal law bans public funding from being used to pay for abortion procedures, then the only reason that these clinics would close is if you and I are funding these procedures. Public funding is propping up these abortions businesses.

The new deadline for Congress to pass a spending bill is January 19,2018. This is the same day as the March for Life. At least half a million of pro-life protesters are expected to gather in Washington DC to pressure Congress into pulling the plug on this abortion business.

Because that's what Planned Parenthood is. It's a business, which is why the FBI has re-opened the investigation into the organization's sale of baby body parts for profit.

When those videos were released, it was the final straw for many of the moderate Republicans. A handful of states moved to defund the abortion clinics and now, we are seeing them close in droves. All because they can't rely on government funding anymore...

Abortion is legal. It is the law of the land. But that doesn't mean that you, the American taxpayer, should have to prop up these butcher shops!

Finish the fight! Tell Congress right now that they MUST pull the plug and defund Planned Parenthood, once and for all!

The push to defund Planned Parenthood is gearing up. By the time the March for Life comes around, it will be a historic protest.

I want to tell you a brief story about what happened back in 2015. Hundreds of thousands of pro-life marchers gathered in Washington for the March for Life that year. They rallied outside of Congress and prepared for what they expected to be a historic achievement: a ban on late-term abortion.

At the last minute, however, North Carolina Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R) blocked the bill from moving forward. She refused to support the 20+ week abortion ban, which is the point in development that babies begin to be able to feel pain. This Congresswoman literally left Conservatives out in the cold.

A year later, Ellmers had to run for re-election and Conservatives didn't forget her treachery. During the Republican primary that year, she lost by nearly 30 percent. 

This is the fear that we need to put into Congress. They need to understand that if they leave Conservatives out in the cold and refuse to defund Planned Parenthood during the next spending vote, they will face the same exact fate as Renee Ellmers!

End all Federal abortion funding! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all!

My wife is due to give birth to our first child around the same time in late December as the March for Life, otherwise we would be there marching hand in hand with these pro-life activists.

But just because you can't make it to Washington DC doesn't mean you can't also join the fight!

Congress must pass a new budget by January 19. That means that the actual language of the bill will need to be written this coming week. 

If we want to pull the plug on this abortion company and cut off all federal funding, we need to strike now. We've already seen that state level defunding efforts, like the one in Iowa, have led to a third of the state's abortion clinics being shut down. Remove their ability to draw federal funding and that will easily double. 

It really is remarkable. In 2016, Planned Parenthood spent 10x more on lobbying politicians in that single year than the National Rifle Association has in the past two decades. So not only is the Federal government helping this abortion company keep its lights on, but they then turn around and donate millions to pro-abortion Democrats. It has to end.

It is up to you -- it is up to all of us -- to cut off all federal abortion funding right now!

Members of Congress care about one thing: re-election. They have seen what happened to Renee Ellmers when she turned her back on the pro-life movement. She was literally removed from office. Now, it's time to make them fear the same outcome for themselves!

Don't let Congress prop up Planned Parenthood anymore! Tell Congress right now that they MUST pull the plug and defund Planned Parenthood and every other abortion clinic, once and for all!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily