Last night, Donald Trump gave the best speech of his Presidency.

He told the stories of genius and heroism of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, and explained how ludicrous it is for the mob to demand their statues and monuments be torn down.

He delivered a stunning rebuke to Leftism and "cancel culture." He called out the Social Justice Warriors by name and blamed them for indoctrinating our children in our schools.

Trump announced that he is putting up new monuments to the heroes being targeted by the left, which will be featured in a new National Park called the "Garden of Heroes." He promised that every Leftist caught destroying a Federal statue will face a minimum of 10 years in prison for their crimes.

The President called out Joe Biden and the Democrats, declaring that anyone willing to turn a blind eye to the rioting and looting in our cities is unfit to lead this country.

From the podium, he unapologetically proclaimed that all children, born and unborn, are created in the image of God. He swore to protect the 2nd Amendment, and to ensure that our experiment with self government will continue.

It was, without a doubt, his greatest speech.

The mainstream media, however, didn't want to cover it. CNN and MSNBC instead ran their own pre-recorded programming. CBS and NBC didn't run it live, either. Only Fox, Fox News, and ABC ran the speech.

The media spent a week condemning Trump for having the event. The day-of, one CNN commentator actually referred to Mount Rushmore as a monument to 'two slave owners.' But when the event actually kicked off, CNN and MSNBC refused to cover it... They are so desperate to defeat Trump, they want to block the American people from watching the President's Fourth of July speech...

Now, this morning, these same liberal channels are talking about how "radical" the speech was and only playing small clips so that they can editorialize it themselves.

Every American needs to watch Trump's speech in its entirety. That is why in lieu of a FaxBlast campaign today, we are asking people to watch the speech, if they haven't already, and share it with at least three of their friends.

Use this link to watch the video of the speech or use the video link below.

Please, share this video with your friends and family. If there is someone you know on the fence about voting for Trump, or someone who is actually leaning towards voting for Joe Biden, please send the link to this speech to them. Show them the President of the United States, without the mainstream media's filter!


A Happy Independence Day to you and yours,

Joe Otto and the Conservative Daily Team