242 years ago, men gathered in Philadelphia and did something pretty remarkable. They declared independence from Great Britain and, in the process, declared war on the largest and most powerful military on earth.

But, philosophically, these Founders did something much more than that. Their Declaration of Independence didn't just deal with one case. They declared that all men have a right to self-governance.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

This was a revolutionary idea: that Men should have a say in who governs them and, if a politician starts going against the will of the people, then he must be removed.

We're nowhere near a revolution in this country, though a lot of the liberal snowflakes seem eager to bring us into a civil war. The only ones calling for government to be abolished are the #AbolishICE leftists. However, it is painfully obvious that we need better representation, especially in Congress.

It is time to purge Congressional leadership and replace them with Conservatives willing to fight for US!

 Please, re-declare your independence today and FORCE Congress to clean house and remove Paul Ryan and his establishment allies immediately!

Two days ago, Conservative Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) strongly hinted that he was running to be the next Speaker of the House. Previously, it was just assumed that Kevin McCarthy would run unopposed. When Jordan announced he was going to run, the establishment went on offense.

Within 24 hours, the establishment media started piling on, accusing him of ignoring sexual assault when he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University. They're not accusing him of doing anything wrong, only that he didn't stop it. Multiple players accused a team doctor of molesting them, and have now accused Jordan of not stepping in.

Jim Jordan immediately responded that he had no idea anything was happening and obviously would have stepped in if he had.

It is not a surprise that one of the first people to weigh in was Speaker Paul Ryan himself. He called these "serious allegations" and awaits the results of a full investigation.

Do you see what is happening? The corrupt GOP establishment sees a Conservative challenger and wants to destroy him before he makes any progress. 

They're terrified. Do you know who is representing these former college wrestlers in their lawsuit against OSU? Perkins Coie. If that name doesn't ring a bell, that's ok. Perkins Coie was the law firm that Hillary Clinton and the DNC used to launder funds to pay for the phony Trump-Russia dossier. Clinton and the DNC paid Perkins Coie, who in turn funded Fusion GPS and Michael Steele's fake news dossier.

This is how the corrupt establishment operates. They cannot stand the idea of losing control of government. They used Perkins Coie to try to destroy then-candidate Donald Trump, and now they are using the same law firm to go after Jim Jordan. All because they cannot fathom handing over control of government to a conservative.

As an American and a human being, you have the right to self-governance.

So the question for you, on this Independence Day, is are you willing to settle for Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership? Are you willing to let this coward hold onto power for another 6 months?

What if the Founders and American Colonists had just settled and accepted their fate?

Please, re-declare your independence right now and FORCE Congress to clean house and remove Paul Ryan and his establishment allies immediately!

Our goal, as an organization, is to keep Conservatives fully apprised of what is happening in Congress, both publicly and behind closed doors. Every single day, we focus in on one Conservative issue and shine a light on what Congress is, or isn't, doing to move it forward.

Often times, we will refer to the GOP leadership as 'shameful.' We truly believe this to be the case. The inaction and betrayal in from the establishment Republicans truly brings this country shame.

But it is equally shameful to see how they have tricked Conservatives into just accepting this.

On this 4th of July, we are calling for all conservatives to stand up and demand better. We saw Paul Ryan's true colors when he tried to push through an amnesty bill last week. Having retired, he is no longer accountable to the people who elected him. Without having to worry about re-election, he has swung far to the left. 

This man has absolutely no business holding ANY power in Congress.

Congress must remove every lame-duck Congressman and Senator from leadership. That includes committee assignments.

You cannot let Ryan and the GOP steal the next six months from you!

Please, re-declare your independence right now and FORCE Congress to clean house and remove Paul Ryan and his establishment allies immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily