Well, it happened. The measure to defund Planned Parenthood has been removed from the Senate calendar. I warned last week that it was looking like this, but I hoped that cooler heads in Congress would prevail.

The GOP establishment never wanted to hold the line on pulling funding from this butchershop. This is something they were forced into. And now, after a week of backroom dealing, they finally have an excuse. 

The Republicans now claim they're 'not allowed' to defund Planned Parenthood. Yes, that is the new reasoning. The Senate Parliamentarian is the person in charge of making sure that bills follow the Senate rules. Her name is Elizabeth MacDonough.

A year and a half ago, she allowed the measure to defund Planned Parenthood to go to the floor. In late 2015, she saw no problem with it. This weekend, however, she abruptly changed her mind. You see, the Federal government gives Planned Parenthood half a billion every year. MacDonough just declared that cutting off this funding would not result in any savings and therefore cannot be pushed through with a simple majority.

This is all really complicated and boring, but it means that the Republicans no longer have enough votes to defund Planned Parenthood, all because one liberal decided they shouldn't be allowed to do it...

One liberal should not be allowed to save Planned Parenthood! Please, send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress replace the Senate Parliamentarian and defund Planned Parenthood for good!

This is not the first time that Elizabeth MacDonough has tried to save Obamacare. In 2015, she decided that Republicans weren't allowed to abolish Obamacare's "death panels." At the time, Sen. Ted Cruz demanded that she be fired. Paul Ryan also warned that she might have to be removed if she tried any more funny business.

Now, for the second time, MacDonough has intervened to save a liberal policy program.

She must be removed.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell put a bill to defund Planned Parenthood onto Obama's desk a little over a year ago. Now we get to see how committed they are to making this happen. With the stroke of a pen, they can remove MacDonough from office. 

But we're already seeing them play the blame game. The GOP establishment was just looking for a reason to keep Planned Parenthood funded and now a chance just fell into their lap.

Don't let them sabotage this!

Please, take a stand for the innocent! Send your immediate FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them defund Planned Parenthood now!

This is our last best chance to pull the plug on this abortion business. If this provision passes, Planned Parenthood would be cut off as long as they continue to perform abortions. So, either they go out of business because they lose half a billion, or they shut down their abortion side of the company. Either way, we would eliminate the largest abortion provider in the country and save more than 300 k babies a year.

That is what is at stake. Every day that Planned Parenthood stays in business means 875 new abortions; 875 babies losing their lives.

The GOP doesn't want to take action. The only reason they passed this provision in 2015 is because they knew Obama would veto it. Now that there is a President willing to sign it, they are terrified.

The liberals know this and that is why they are doing everything they can - including going after the Senate rules - to make sure Planned Parenthood keeps getting Federal funding.

This is the end of the line. If you don't fight back now, it's over.

Please, take a stand and fight! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress here and FORCE them to defund Planned Parenthood by any means necessary!

Now or never,

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily