Today, President Trump is meeting with Congressional leaders at Camp David to discuss immigration. He issued his border wall ultimatum and Democrats are whining like clockwork. Senator Dick Durbin heard that Trump was demanding border wall funding and he told a reporter that his party will force a government shutdown unless the President agrees to no-strings-attached amnesty.

Trump's response? Bring it on.

The President laid out all of his immigration demands. Democrats are threatening to shut down the government unless Republicans basically agree to pass Hillary Clinton's immigration plan. That is how backwards this is.

But what is even worse is that Republicans are trying to get Trump to back away from his border security demands. Never-Trump RINO Jeff Flake was at the White House this week trying to lobby Trump to just give in to their amnesty demands. Republicans are actually siding with the Left on this.

Defeat can only come from within if the GOP caves on this.

It is up to us to prevent that!

Don't let this happen! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to hold the line against this amnesty surrender!

President Trump's proposal is actually pretty reasonable. He wants to put up a border wall along approximately 700 miles of the Southern Border. Add that to areas that already have sufficient fencing, and approximately half of the US-Mexico border would get a wall. The other areas are so desolate or mountainous that they will use technology to monitor for border crossers.

Trump is also demanding an end to chain migration, which allows immigrants to bring their entire families into the U.S. once they get settled here, and a merit based immigration system. Combine that with an end to sanctuary cities, Kate's Law, and thousands more border patrol agents and you have the makings of a secure border.

That is why Democrats are vowing to shut down the government. They can't afford to lose chain migration, they'll run out of voters. And merit based immigration? The Democrat Party relies on low-skilled immigration to fill its ranks.

In the words of Barack Obama, elections have consequences. Yet, Democrats are making demands as if they won last year.

And what is even more pathetic is that the GOP is actually listening to those demands... It's like they don't even know how to win.

Hold the line! Tell Congress right now that you will remove anyone who votes for the Left's clean amnesty plan!

If the Democrats get their way, it's game over for America. Not only are they demanding amnesty for Obama's million illegal aliens, but they want to give them the right to bring their entire families into the country.

And with a wide open border, there is no telling how many new illegal aliens would come streaming across looking for amnesty. 

We are talking about the end of this Country if the Democrats get the GOP to cave to this and that's not hyperbole.

I know there are a lot of things demanding your attention. But I am urging you to make this one of them.

Don't let the spineless cowards in the Republican Party cave on this!

Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress right now and help Pres. Trump kill this GOP amnesty surrender!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily