What happened last week was shameful. Lindsey Graham and the Judiciary Committee had all the evidence they needed to start subpoenaing Deep State traitors. But instead of moving forward, they caved and "postponed" the vote...

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein admitted -- literally confessed -- to signing off on the FISA surveillance warrant without fully reading it. He also threw other Deep State officials, like Andrew McCabe, under the bus for lying and deliberately misleading the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The GOP finally had everything they needed to start holding Deep State traitors accountable for their crimes. After three and a half years trying to smoke out these conspirators, we finally had the evidence we needed.

Rosenstein's confession was so explosive that Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, scheduled a follow up committee meeting for the following day.

But when that meeting started, it was clear that something had changed. Instead of forging forward, the GOPers had started getting cold feet and the Democrats were doing everything they could to cancel the vote.

We had FIFTY subpoenas against Deep State traitors already lined up. All the committee had to do was vote on it. But at the last minute, Graham announced that the vote would be postponed. The votes were no longer there...

Instead, the vote has been rescheduled for Thursday of this week, but even the GOP is warning that it might not happen again!

Don't let the GOP chicken out! Hold Congress' feet to the fire by sending your instant FaxBlast DEMANDING that they authorize the subpoenas and begin investigating these Deep State traitors!

Think about it. Rod Rosenstein is the man who appointed Robert Mueller. He confessed under oath that if he knew then what he knows now, he never would have allowed the Russia investigation to move forward.

He admitted to signing off on a secret surveillance warrant application against the Trump team without actually reading what was inside of it. Not only is that a criminal confession, but he blamed other FBI officials by name for misleading him and the FISA Court.

After his bombshell testimony, conservatives in Congress drafted fifty subpoenas to call in literally everyone involved in the coup to take down Donald Trump. With Rosenstein's testimony, they would no longer be able to pretend they ran their witch hunt "by the book." Either they would confess to their involvement in the coup or they would perjure themselves. Either way, people would finally start going to prison.

That is why the Democrats were so fiercely against these subpoenas. They know that these subpoenas have the power to topple their entire conspiracy and actually reveal the members of Congress who were also complicit in these crimes (like Adam Schiff).

But what I didn't expect was for Republicans to start immediately caving. They had all the momentum on their side. But instead of subpoenaing the Deep State traitors, they postponed the vote for another week, giving the targets a chance to get their stories straight...

Now, however, we are getting even more bad news. The GOP is no longer guaranteeing that the 50 subpoenas will be authorized on Thursday. They are not confident that they will have the votes. In other words, there are Republicans and Democrats working together to help the Deep State cover up its coup attempt...

The GOP thinks they can get away with this betrayal because they believe no one is paying attention to this. With all eyes on the protests and riots, and the rest of the media coverage being devoted to the coronavirus, they believe that they can surrender without conservatives realizing they are being stabbed in the back...

But now you know what is happening... Now you know that you are being stabbed in the back...

Are you going to let these cowards get away with it? Or are you going to fight back?!

Don't let these cowards surrender! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they authorize all 50+ Deep State subpoenas... or else!

The vote is being scheduled for Thursday. That gives us just a short window to put maximum pressure on Republicans and Democrats alike to authorize these subpoenas and start dragging these Deep State traitors in to testify.

But as I said, the Republican leadership is already warning that the vote might be re-scheduled again. 

We have never been so close to finally seeing justice served. We have never been so close to actually seeing Obama administration criminals thrown behind bars.

And yet, we are also teetering on the brink of defeat. The GOP is racing to find a way to surrender and abandon their plan to hold these criminals accountable.

You must fight back before it is too late!

Don't let these GOP cowards surrender! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they authorize all 50+ Deep State subpoenas... or else!

Hold the line!

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily