Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has demanded that former-FBI director James Comey testify before Congress again after evidence was discovered proving he decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton long before she or her aides were even interrogated.

Senator Graham is hardly a Conservative. But, they say that a broken clock is still right twice a day. This seems to be one of those moments.

After interviewing other FBI agents and investigators, Senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley discovered a pattern: people kept admitting that James Comey decided to let Hillary off the hook in April of 2016. The problem is that comes a full three months before Clinton and aides like Cheryl Mills and Brian Pagliano were ever interviewed by the FBI.

The reason that Graham and Grassley want to put Comey back in the hotseat is clear. He lied under oath to Congress.

He was asked - in no uncertain terms - to explain when he decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her Espionage Act crimes, and he explicitly said he made the decision "after" she was interviewed. 

I can't believe I'm saying this, Lindsey Graham is absolutely right. I smell a rat.

Demand a new investigation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fully re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton's crimes and the Obama administrations attempts to cover them up.

It is a crime to lie to Congress or deliver false statements under oath. This is punishable by up to five years in prison.

James Comey is the one who has been leaking documents to the press. He admitted during his Congressional testimony that he leaked government documents to the New York Times in the hope of forcing the appointment of a Special Counsel to go after President Trump.

The arrogance of this man is that he never expected his crimes would be revealed in the process. The more Democrats try to investigate the Trump administration, the more lawlessness is revealed on the Left.

According to FBI employees' testimony to investigators, Comey was drafting his statement to exonerate Hillary Clinton months before she and 16 other key witnesses were even interviewed. Graham and Grassley point out that when these witnesses finally were interviewed, they were given "highly unusual immunity agreements."

Comey never had any intention of going after Hillary Clinton for her crimes. Then again, the Obama administration did tell him to stand down...

It is looking more and more like the investigation into Clinton's email crimes, and Loretta Lynch and James Comey's cover-up, will be re-opened. The Deep State is terrified. That is why Obama-holdovers have reportedly offered Hillary Clinton and her staffers plea deals to save them from going to prison.

That's right, recently surfaced reports indicate that DOJ employees are trying one last-ditch effort to cover up Hillary's crimes.

Congress needs to act now!

Don't let the Deep State give Clinton amnesty! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress fully re-open their investigation into Hillary's crimes and the Obama administration's cover-up attempts!

Hillary Clinton's crimes were serious. Mishandling classified information is a grave criminal offense. But as they say, the cover-up is usually worse than the crime.

We have Loretta Lynch dead-to-rights. She testified under oath that she only ever used her official email account to conduct DOJ business. We learned last month that she had a secret email account named after her grandmother, Elizabeth Carlisle, that she used to coordinate the cover-up when she was caught meeting with Bill Clinton onboard her private jet. She lied under oath.

We have James Comey dead-to-rights not only for obeying Loretta Lynch's order, but for lying under oath about when he decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton. He clearly said that he decided Clinton was innocent "after" he interviewed her, even though the evidence proves he was drafting his infamous exoneration statement months prior.

I'm no Lindsey Graham fan, but he's right: I smell a rat.

The American people deserve justice and it is up to you to demand it!

Help send these Obama criminals to prison! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fully re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton's crimes and the Lynch-Comey cover-up!

Lock Them Up,

Joe Otto

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