Our email is getting out a little late today and I want to let you know why. I just got finished with my wife's first pre-natal doctor's appointment. We were going to focus on another issue with today's FaxBlast campaign, but I honestly can't talk about anything else today other than this.

Seeing the ultrasound and baby's heartbeat pulsating across the screen is a surreal experience. When the images were put onto the screen, I couldn't help but think one thing: My baby is beautiful.

As I'm starting to come down from the high from that office visit, breaking news just came across my desk. Senate Republicans are considering re-funding Planned Parenthood. After the House voted to strip all funding earlier this year, a handful of Senate Republicans are fighting to give it back to them.

Abortion isn't healthcare. Pregnancy isn't a disease. And yet, every year, the Federal government funnels hundreds of millions to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers under the guise of "healthcare spending."

Federal law prohibits taxdollars from being used to fund abortions. But over the years, Democrats found a loophole. Instead of funding the actual procedures, they realized that they could fund everything else and keep these abortion facilities up and running. What good is a Federal ban on abortion funding if taxdollars still end up paying the abortionists' salaries?

The House of Representatives has voted to cut funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and instead funnel it to actual healthcare providers. Instead of giving half a billion to an organization that kills unborn children, it would be redirected to healthcare centers that actually provide prenatal care.

But the Senate has reportedly stripped this language from their healthcare bill. The RINOs are demanding that Planned Parenthood remain fully funded.

Don't let them do this! Send your immediately delivered FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund Planned Parenthood no matter what!

Both the House and Senate have formally referred Planned Parenthood for criminal prosecution because of their practice of profitting off the sale of babies' organs and body parts. They have actually asked the US Attorney to bring charges.

Moderate Republicans in both the House and Senate signed off on prosecuting Planned Parenthood executives, but now they're too terrified to pull their funding. It's pathetic.

As soon as the House passed its bill, GOP leaders warned that the Senate version would be significantly different. Now, we know what they meant. Planned Parenthood is going to get another handout.

This is all because of two Republican Senators: Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME). If those names sound familiar, they should. Every time that Vice President Mike Pence has been called in to break a tie in the Senate, it has been because these two Senators decided to team up with the Democrats.

Our message is simple. To the Senate, the bill they roll out MUST defund Planned Parenthood. This is non-negotiable and anyone who allows this butchershop to keep its federal funding will be removed from office.

To the House: don't you dare cave on this. Do not let 2-3 liberal Republicans in the Senate keep this abortion organization funded!

This is our moment. Every pro-life issue we have fought for comes down to this. We have an opportunity to rip funding from Planned Parenthood and likely put them out of business!

Help us protect the unborn. Send your immediately delivered FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund Planned Parenthood no matter what!

I have been pro-life all my life. I was born a month premature, so the concept of abortion, especially late term abortion, has always been horrifying. 

But seeing that ultrasound image on the screen today and seeing my baby's heart pumping... well, it's an experience I now realize only a parent can understand. It takes being pro-life to a whole other level.

When I learned my wife was pregnant, I called our local Planned Parenthood because I was curious to see if they would even give her a pre-natal ultrasound. I already knew the answer but they confirmed it: They told me that they only perform ultrasounds when people pay for abortions.

A baby's cry is a beautiful thing. Yet in so many clinics across the country, those cries represent something entirely different. And the fact that the Federal goverment uses your tax dollars to fund that slaughter is deplorable.

I have dedicated my life to fighting for pro-life causes and right now, we are standing at a precipice. We cannot allow this handful of RINOs to re-fund Planned Parenthood!

 Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they hold the line and defund Planned Parenthood!

Please, join this fight!,

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily