Robert Mueller just openly lied. But the GOP thinks that instead of holding him accountable, they should just let Mueller and his Deep State allies get away with their crimes...

Lindsey Graham has spent the last three years making promises and then failing/refusing to deliver. He has promised to subpoena everyone involved in the Trump-Russia witch hunt, but to this day, none of them have been forced to testify...

To be fair, some of that is not Graham's fault. When he originally tried to issue subpoenas earlier this year, it was GOPers like Mitt Romney who initially blocked it from happening. To his credit, Graham pushed forward and ultimately busted through to give himself subpoena power.

And now he plans to call Robert Mueller himself in to answer for his crimes!

Lock them all up! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND Mueller and his team be subpoenaed and forced to answer for their crimes!

On Friday, Donald Trump granted clemency to Roger Stone. Unlike a pardon, which would have undid the guilty verdict, an offer of clemency simply removes the prison sentence. Stone is still guilty, but that is how Roger Stone wants it. He wants the opportunity to appeal his conviction and to clear his name.

The prison to which Judge Amy Berman Jackson was sending Roger Stone is currently releasing prisoners to protect them from contracting the coronavirus. They are literally releasing rapists and pedophiles, but Judge Berman Jackson insisted that Stone report to prison on-schedule.

But the main reason to commute the sentence is that Roger Stone never should have been investigated to begin with. The Mueller Investigation never should have been allowed to launch. On day one, Robert Mueller knew that there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. He also knew that Michael Flynn was innocent. An honorable person would have disbanded the investigation as soon as he realized there was no actual crime committed.

But that's not what Mueller did. You see, the goal of the Mueller investigation was never to get to the truth. The goal was to find a way to remove Donald Trump from office. As Mueller's deputy Peter Strzok famously admitted, the investigation was an insurance policy in the event that Trump beat Clinton. That is why Mueller's team put so much pressure on people like Papadopoulos, Flynn, and Stone. They hoped that they could get someone to flip and admit that Donald Trump broke the law. But none of them did because there were no crimes to admit to...

That is why all these men were indicted on process crimes. Their statements to investigators were picked apart to find anything that could be construed as a lie, and then they were charged with lying to a federal officer. For example, one of the "lies" that George Papadopoulos allegedly told to investigators was that he denied talking to anyone during the campaign who had a "Russian accent." Mueller determined that Papadopoulos had talked to someone with a Russian accent. It didn't matter that Papadopoulos disagreed, they prosecuted him for that slight discrepancy anyway. In Manafort's case, they had to go through years of tax paperwork to find discrepancies they could use to prosecute him. All to try to pressure them into giving them evidence to take down the President of the United States.

It didn't work. Robert Mueller closed down his investigation without ever successfully prosecuting anyone for "colluding" with the Russians.

But over the weekend, Mueller slipped up. Angered by Trump's clemency order, Mueller "wrote" an op-ed that was published in the Washington Post. Not only did he criticize the commutation, but he also proclaimed that everyone on his team had "acted with the highest integrity." That is a bald-faced lie.

Peter Strzok was fired for conspiring to take down Trump months before an investigation was ever launched. Brandon Van Grack, the prosecutor who led the Flynn case, was forced to resign after it was revealed he deliberately withheld evidence from Flynn's defense. We also know that FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who was working on Mueller's team, allegedly fabricated evidence to allow the witch hunt to keep going. This lawyer altered an email, which was then submitted to the Fisa Court as evidence to let them keep spying on Trump associates.

But Mueller's public statement now gives Graham the opening he was waiting for. He can now call Mueller in to answer for these discrepancies.

The only question left is whether the GOP establishment will let it happen...

It is time to turn the tables on the Deep State! You need to send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND Mueller and his team be subpoenaed and forced to answer for their crimes! 

President Trump is right. There are members of Mueller's team and DOJ/FBI officials who absolutely deserve to be prosecuted.

Sure, there is the Durham investigation. But we learned late last week that John Durham may be getting cold feet about filing criminal charges against these crooked Mueller officials because he doesn't want his probe to appear "political."

Deep State officials are allowed to launch insurance policies to try to remove the President of the United States, but Durham isn't allowed to prosecute them until after the election...

That is why this new Graham investigation is our last, best chance to hold these criminals accountable. But already, there are GOPers getting cold feet and pressuring Lindsey Graham to just 'let it go.' That is the language they are using: just let it go.

We can't just let it go. Members of the Mueller team broke the law. They abused their power to violate innocent Americans' rights, all in the hopes of finding enough evidence to reverse the 2016 election. That is a crime (18 USC Section 242).

Democrats know that the sun is setting on their attempted coup. But they are hoping there are enough Cowards in the GOP to let them just get away with everything they've done.

You CANNOT let that happen!

Don't let the GOP sweep the Deep State's crimes under the rug! Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND Mueller and his team be subpoenaed and forced to answer for their crimes against the constitution!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily