Today is the day! Congress will officially vote on the so-called Heroes Act, a 3 Trillion piece of legislation packed to the brim with leftist spending agenda items.

We have gone over just how radical the bill is. It would give bonuses, stimulus checks, and amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. It would force States to adopt mail-in voting in time for the 2020 election and prohibit states from checking voter's identities, guaranteeing fraud and a stolen election.

Those are only two parts of the 1,800+ page legislation. We know that the word "cannabis" (marijuana) is mentioned 68 times, more than the words "jobs" or "hire" appear in the bill. We know that the word "diversity" appears 20 times.

The bill is chock full of some of the most ridiculous Liberal pet projects I have ever seen. Did you know that Nancy Pelosi's bill sets aside 50 million for liberal professors to study "environmental justice"? In case you have never heard of this term, that is the belief that the weather and climate are somehow racist...

The legislation also gives a bailout package to Washington DC political lobbyists. That's right, the legislation would allow lobbying organizations to access the same bailout funds made available to 501c3 non-profit organizations...

The list literally goes on and on and it would take me days to go through everything wrong with this monstrosity.

But we don't have days... we have just hours to stop this bill and we must stop this bill!

The vote is officially scheduled for TODAY!

Nancy Pelosi has declared that her bill is non-negotiable. She is refusing to allow any stimulus or coronavirus relief bill to pass unless it includes her party's radical amendments in it.

She is demanding that the GOP come to the table, negotiate, and "meet her halfway."

She is pushing a bill to give amnesty to almost every illegal alien and steal the 2020 election. There is no 'meeting halfway' on this.

We need to kill this bill in its entirety. But we also need to kill all of the radical amendments that Pelosi shoved into it. Because make no mistake: one way or another the Democrats are going to try to push all of this across the finish line. They are desperate to get their agenda passed. They are willing to do anything to do it, including holding the next stimulus package hostage.

The very future of our country is at stake, right now. If the Left wins this fight, there is no coming back. If they succeed in pushing their agenda items through, including total amnesty and their fraud-ridden vote-by-mail scheme, there will be no coming back...

We have to kill this bill right now, and we can't do it without your help!

Fight back right now before it's too late!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily