Trump has officially defunded Planned Parenthood, but now GOP cowards are trying to reverse his executive order!

This week, something remarkable happened. For the first time ever, Planned Parenthood was cut off from Federal Title X funding.

Title X is the Health and Human Services Program designed to subsidize family planning services. It is specifically against the law for the funds to be used for abortions, but abortionists have used dishonest accounting techniques to access the funding anyway. For example, instead of using the funding on abortion procedures, Planned Parenthood uses the grants to help pay their abortionists' salaries.

Everyone knew they were violating the spirit of the law, but Republicans refused to hold them accountable. Right as Congress was about to vote, spineless RINOs blocked the defunding bills from passing.

Earlier this year, President Trump issued his "Respect Life" executive action, blocking abortion providers from accessing Federal funding. Since it is against the law for Federal funds to go to abortion procedures, it is only logical to block it from going to abortion providers as well.

Pres. Trump promised to finish this fight if he was elected, and he is making good on that promise. Over the next year, Planned Parenthood will lose over 60 million in Federal funding. All told, abortionists around the country will be cut off from 280 million in total. Instead, those funds will be redirected to pro-life health centers that care for women without providing or referring for abortions.

This is a major victory. The GOP should be thanking Trump. He did what they never had the courage to do.

But instead of celebrating, Establishment Republicans are now promising work with Democrats to undo Trump's Protect Life order!

Don't let the Left restore Planned Parenthood's funding! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to support Trump's "Protect Life" executive order and stop the Left from rolling it back!

Take Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) as an example. Back in 2015, she wrote the bill to defund Planned Parenthood. She voted for the legislation to pull Planned Parenthood's Federal funding.

But she also knew that it would never become law at the time. Even if it managed to pass the House and Senate, Barack Obama never would have signed it. She could pretend to support the rights of the unborn without actually having to pull Planned Parenthood's funding.

Now that Trump is doing exactly what she called for back in 2015, Collins is furious. She released a statement announcing that she "opposes this misguided rule change." Again, Trump only did what Collins advocated and voted for just four years ago...

Then there is RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). She has also come out and denounced the Protect Life order and vowed to work with Democrats to undo Trump's new regulation.

Why am I talking about these two GOP Senators? They both sit on the Senate Appropriations Committee, where Republicans hold a slim one-vote majority. If both of these RINOs vote with Democrats, they have the power to approve whatever spending amendments they want. They have the power to restore Planned Parenthood's funding... and they are moving to do just that!

House Democrats have approved an amendment in next year's Health and Human Services Appropriations Act that would not only roll back Trump's Protect Life rule, but actually increase Planned Parenthood's funding as well!

This amendment is just one sentence long and can be found on page 49-50 of the bill. It reads,

"the Secretary shall carry out section 1001 of the PHS Act solely in accordance with any regulations or other conditions or instructions established by the Secretary pursuant to the authority under section 1006 of the PHS Act that applied as of January 18, 2017, to grants and contracts awarded under section 1001 of the PHS Act..." (emphasis added)

This is important. What this provision says is that Donald Trump would be required to disburse family planning funding according to the regulations that were in place on January 18, 2017.

Why did they choose that date? Well, that is two days before Trump took the oath of office. This amendment would force Trump to fund Planned Parenthood the way that the Obama administration did...

They slipped this one sentence into the 650 page bill hoping that no one would notice. We noticed. And now YOU know what is going on too!

Collins and Murkowski have both signed onto the Left's plan to not only restore Planned Parenthood's funding, but to increase it by an additional 40 percent! Now, Democrats are trying to force other Republicans to cave so that they can pass the bill into law.

We have never been so close to victory. Right now, Planned Parenthood is cut off. They are not allowed to access any of this funding. Donald Trump delivered on his promise. But now these spineless Republicans are helping Democrats undo it all!

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Planned Parenthood performs 300,000 abortions every year. They admit that without this funding, many of their "clinics" will have to close their doors. 

If you care about protecting the unborn, then you must join this fight right now!

If you believe that US tax payers shouldn't be funding the world's largest abortion provider (and one of the top Democrat political donors as well), then you need to take action right now!

And if you want to stop the Left from dragging us back into the Obama years, then this is the time for you to rise up!

The Left is mobilizing everything and everyone to get this one sentence passed into law.

We can still stop them, but only if we fight back right now!

Don't let the Left sneak this pro-abortion provision through! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to support President Trump's "Protect Life" executive order and stop the Left from rolling it back!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily