With the clock ticking before Congress has to pass a new long-term budget, President Trump has doubled down on his promise to build the wall by delivering a major demand to Congress: He will veto any immigration bill that does not include a border wall and 69 of his other immigration demands.

That's right. A month after Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer lied to the American people by claiming Trump had abandoned his immigration promises, the President just hit back and he hit them hard.

The President's demands are common sense. They include hiring more border agents and immigration judges, reforming our immigration system to prioritize skilled labor, funding and completely building the wall, defunding sanctuary cities, going after visa-overstays, mandating E-Verify to stop businesses from hiring illegal aliens, and reforming our laws to make it harder for people to abuse our system to gain asylum here. And yes, Trump is demanding that Congress put Kate's Law onto his desk, creating mandatory minimum prison sentences for deported illegal aliens who decide to sneak back into the country. This is all common sense.

Pelosi and Schumer are already crying that Trump tricked them and that his immigration demands are "cruel." The demands also took the GOP establishment by surprise. They believed they'd be able to renew Obama's amnesty program and shove it down our throats. And they are not going quietly...

Help President Trump finish this! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress and demand they pass all 70 of President Trump's immigration demands!

In true Trump fashion, right as the GOP was about to surrender on practically everything, he dropped the hammer on them and said 'don't you dare.'

Congress, don't you dare leave the border open. Don't you dare leave sanctuary cities funded. Don't you dare let Kate's Law collect dust. And don't you dare block the wall!

This is the fight of our time. Everything we have fought for comes down to this. We will either have a country again or we will continue to let the world walk all over us.

President Trump isn't giving up. Contrary to the fake news being peddled by the mainstream media, he is still standing by his immigration promises and that includes building the wall!

But he needs your help. It is up to you to force Congress to fall in line.

Trump has promised to veto any bill that ignores his demand but even now, we're hearing that traitorous Republicans are already talking to Democrats and strategizing a veto-override. They hate the American people so much, they would go against the President to keep the illegal alien flood gates open.

It is now or never!

Don't let these Republican Traitors pass their pro-illegal alien agenda. Send your instantly delivered message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass each and every one of Pres. Trump's seventy immigration demands!

Our goal today is to bury Congress in FaxBlasts to the point that they cannot ignore your voice any longer.

Please, Join the fight!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily