For the fourth time since Donald Trump was elected, Congress has passed a budget or continuing resolution that does NOT fund the border wall. 

Their new budget -- which passed last night -- allocates 4.1 TRILLION, but they say that the funds simply aren't there to build the wall and protect the southern border. This is absolutely shameful.

The Republicans had a chance right after the election to pass a spending bill to allocate funding for the wall. They refused.

Then, in April, the President submitted a request for border wall funding. Again, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell said 'no.' At the time, President Trump hinted that he would shut down the government if Congress didn't authorize a border wall. That was enough to force Ryan and McConnell to promise that the border wall would be funded this autumn.

Well, September came and went and when Congress introduced a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through the end of the year, Paul Ryan deliberately took out border wall funding. He demanded that the bill be a "clean budget," meaning that it continues to fund what Obama wanted, including the open border.

And then, we arrived at yesterday evening. Presented with yet another opportunity to build the wall, the Republican Leadership again said, 'no.'

President Trump's threat still stands. Just this week, he issued his demand once again. "We have to have a wall," he told reporters. If Congress doesn't authorize a wall, he will veto future spending bills.

But now he needs YOU to put the pressure on these cowards as well!

Don't let these RINOs win! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to authorize Trump's wall and secure the border from all of these illegal alien criminals!

This week, we learned of a tragic case out of South Carolina. An illegal alien, who had received amnesty under the Obama administration's "dreamer" program, was arrested and charged with murdering a female high school student. He forced her into the woods and then shot her multiple times in the head.

Then, we learned that ICE had actually issued a detainer on a previously-deported illegal alien charged with arsons in northern California, though he is not currently being accused with starting the horrible California wildfires. But because California is a sanctuary state now, they will not hand this illegal alien over to be deported...

And then, we saw three members of the violent MS-13 gang plead guilty to participating in the gangland murder of a young Virginia girl, with three other illegal alien suspects yet to be tried for the capital murder.

Lastly, an illegal alien snuck across the southern border and now that she has been arrested, she is demanding that the Federal government pay for her abortion. Even though it is literally illegal for the US government to spend any money to help someone get an abortion, an Obama-appointed judge tried desperately to overturn that law yesterday.

How many Americans need to die at the altar of political correctness? How many Americans must be victimized in order to keep the southern border wide open? We will never have a country and we will never have peace until we have a strong border. Period.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell pushed through a budget that funds none of President Trump's immigration agenda. That is shameful and they will get what they deserve.

The good news? Congress can still fund the border wall with just a majority vote in both the House and the Senate. The budget passed last night authorizes Congress to pass legislation through the reconciliation process, meaning that Democrats are powerless to filibuster and block it.

But we are running out of time!

Congress can still authorize the border wall, but time is running out! Quick, send your FaxBlast and demand that Congress fully authorize and build the Wall before it's too late!

The prototypes have been built. Out of the eight finalists, the Trump administration will now decide which design to roll out along the southern border. So far, Trump has scrounged funding from wherever he could to get these prototypes built. But now, he needs Congress to authorize the border wall.

Trump is already throwing down the gauntlet. He will not sign any future bill that does not include border wall funding. He has said that the next spending bill must include a border wall authorization and a government shut down over this is still on the table.

But now, he needs you to help him finish this!

It is now up to you to force Congress to act!

Quick, send your instantaneous FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to give Pres. Trump the funding he needs to secure the border from illegal alien criminals and, yes, build the wall!