Mitch McConnell has just informed Nancy Pelosi that the Senate will not vote on any stimulus package that includes Leftist pet projects. If Democrats try to sneak non-Covid spending projects into the bill, McConnell says he will shoot it down!

Obviously, we will need to keep an eye on the GOP. They have made these promises before, only to cave to the Left's demands anyway... But it is an important victory that wouldn't have been possible without YOUR activism and support.

When McConnell made this announcement, I expected Democrats to start howling over it. But amazingly, Pelosi and her team have gone eerily silent.

They are still advancing their leftist agenda items, but even if McConnell holds firm, they are still confident that they will be able to get what they want. That is because from the very beginning, Nancy Pelosi has had a plan b.

If the GOP will not let them fund their projects at the Federal level, then they want to give a trilliond ollars to leftist cities and states to implement for them!

Don't let Pelosi and the Dems push through their unrestricted city/state bailout bill! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL this radical plan!

That is why Democrats are demanding that the next round of stimulus provide unrestricted funding to cities and states so they can use the money however they want.

Typically, federal aid comes with certain strings attached. The Democrats' proposal, however, would make between 500 billion and 1 trillion available to cities and states as unrestricted funds.

When Congress passed the CARES Act last month, they approved 1.6 billion in aid funding for the State of Oregon. That funding is supposed to go to the people of the state to help them rebuild their economy and care for people who come down with the virus.

But instead of dividing the funds up and sending them across the state, Democrat Governor Kate Brown declared that she was only going to disburse it into counties with more than 500,000 residents. The funding went to Portland and the two surrounding counties, while the rest of the state got nothing. Over two-thirds of Oregon residents have been completely cut off from the aid funding.

In California, that state's governor is insisting that taxpayer funds be used to bail out illegal aliens. Gavin Newsom is now being sued over his plan to send over 125 million in stimulus checks directly to illegal alien households. Similar programs are being rolled out in Illinois and New York. Giving these cities and states an unrestricted bailout would allow them to funnel the funds into these illegal alien bailout programs.

And here is the truly despicable part. We are seeing all around the country how tyrannical state and local governments have become with their emergency powers. In Dallas, Texas, a hair salon owner was just sentenced to seven days in jail because she had to re-open her salon so that she and her staff could afford to feed their families. She is now being sent to the same jail where convicted criminals were released to protect them from catching the coronavirus... If Congress is to give states and cities unrestricted funding, they would be able to use that money to fight the lawsuits against their tyrannical orders. 

While she is going to still try to push her agenda through at the federal level, Pelosi's backup plan is to give Democrat-run cities and states a blank check so they can implement their own versions of these leftist agenda items! And the GOP is already lining up to negotiate on this one...

Please, join the fight and help us bombard Congress today with a million FaxBlasts to force them to KILL Pelosi's leftist city/state bailout plan... or else!

The Left tried to attach their city/state bailout to the small business loan program, thanks to your pressure, the GOP held the line and blocked it from passing. You stopped them once and you can do it again!

But you need to get loud. You need to tell Congress -- in no uncertain terms -- that it is political suicide for any of them to vote for or support this scheme.

The only reason that Pelosi has been able to go this far is because she has kept this plan a secret. But now that you know what the Left is doing, you must fight back before it's too late!

Please, help us bombard Congress today with a million FaxBlasts and force them to KILL Pelosi's leftist city/state bailout plan before it's too late!

Block them now!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily