Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just got some really, really bad news.

Paul Ryan is less popular than any Speaker of the House in recent memory.

A recent Pew Research poll shows that Paul Ryan has 29% approval rate around the country. At this point in their Speakerships, Newt Gingrich (43%), John Boehner (36%) and even Nancy Pelosi (35%) all had better numbers.

I am going to look through the rest of the numbers, but I’d venture to say that the United States has never had a Speaker of the House who was less popular than Paul Ryan.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You and I have fought tooth and nail against the Democrat and Republican establishments for years. After eight years, we have clawed this country back from the Left. Republicans now control the House, the Senate, and the White House.

There are no more excuses for inaction or continued liberal governance.

There is no excuse for us being left with Paul Ryan.

Close the door on the Paul Ryan era! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that Paul Ryan be replaced as Speaker of the House!

Do you know where President Trump is today? He is visiting the Snap-On Tool Company in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This is Paul Ryan’s own Congressional district. When asked why he wasn’t going to be there standing beside the President, Ryan’s spokesman responded that they couldn’t line up the President and Speaker’s schedules.

The President of the United States is visiting Speaker Paul Ryan’s home Congressional district and the Speaker couldn’t be bothered to attend.

Or, is it strategic on Trump’s end? Trump just broke 50% yesterday in Rasmussen’s polling. Why would he want to appear on stage with the least popular Speaker of the House in US history?

During the campaign, Paul Ryan wouldn’t be caught dead on the same stage as Trump. Now, the tables have completely turned.

Paul Ryan is toxic. After Ryan completely bungled the Obamacare repeal bill, President Trump sent out a tweet telling his followers to tune into Judge Jeanine’s show. The first segment of the show was the Judge criticizing Paul Ryan and calling on him to be replaced as Speaker.

Congress is getting ready to vote on a major budget bill. They have to pass a budget bill by the end of the month, otherwise the government will shut down.

This is what is known as a “must-pass” bill. That means that Conservatives can attach any number of amendments to the legislation and Democrats will have pretty much no choice but to vote for it. This is how the process typically works.

What is Paul Ryan doing? Every single Conservative amendment or provision is being stricken from the bill. He wants a “clean spending bill,” which means he is more interested in catering to liberal interests than to conservatives.

Ryan and his allies took out funding for the border wall. They are removing pro-life provisions. GOP leadership will not allow 2nd Amendment bills like the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act or Hearing Protection Act to be added to the budget bill. The legislation also won’t defund the United Nations.

Go down the list. Everything that we have fought for is being pushed aside.

Paul Ryan and his team promised Conservative governance and they are turning their back on you.

It is time to stand up and fight!

The curtain is closing! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that Paul Ryan be replaced as Speaker of the House!

We aren’t talking about a political juggernaut, here.

Paul Ryan has just 29% approval. He is even underwater in his own Congressional district.

He has failed us on every major issue and now that he has a chance to make good on these promises, he is backpedalling again.

Enough is enough.

More and more people in Congress want to see Ryan replaced. Even some Conservative Senators are talking about joining the movement to remove him as Speaker.

Now is not the time to sit back and watch. Now is the time to strike.

We are formally calling on Paul Ryan to be replaced as Speaker of the House of Representatives and we need your help to make this happen!

Close the door on the Paul Ryan era! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House!

Kick him to the curb,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily