Fellow Conservative,

On Monday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to arrest someone in connection to his "Russia" investigation. I put the word "Russia" in quotations because everything indicates that the charges being brought tomorrow will have NOTHING to do with Trump and Russia.

The two likely targets are Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. Flynn is under investigation for failing to disclose that he was paid by the Turkish government after the election to push their policies. Manafort is under investigation for tax and real estate discrepancies stretching back half a decade. Neither has anything to do with Russia.

Trump has done a pretty good job holding his tongue on the Special Counsel so far. But not any longer...

He unleashed on Congressional Republicans for allowing this witch hunt to start and demanded they shut it down!

Answer President Trump's call! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to shut down this sham collusion investigation!

Here is the statement that Trump released on social media.

"Never seen such Republican anger and unity as I have concerning the lack of investigation [into the] Clinton-made Fake dossier, the Uranium to Russia deal, the 33,000 plus deleted emails, the Comey fix, and so much more. Instead, they look at Trump/Russia "collusion," which doesn't exist. The Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but the [Republicans] are now fighting back like never before. There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. Do something!

President Trump is absolutely right. There is enough evidence to put the Clintons away for a long time and that is before an investigation has even gotten underway. And more Republicans in Congress than ever are starting to push back against the Democrat- and Establishment-led witch hunt against the Trump team.

Mueller is going after Trump allies and charging them with whatever crimes he can in order to pressure them to turn against the President. But he refuses to go after the Clintons, Democrats, or even the Obama administration.

We just learned today that in 2016, after the Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee began funneling money through a law firm named Perkins Coie to pay for the Fusion GPS dossier, Barack Obama's own campaign organization - Obama for America - paid the same law firm 972,000. Yes, Obama himself helped pay almost a million dollars for the fake Trump dossier, which was later used by Obama's DOJ to launch an investigation against Trump. This scandal just got a whole lot bigger!

This is massive, yet instead of going after the actual criminals who colluded with foreign agents, Mueller is going to slap a Trump aide with nonsense charges tomorrow and hope that is enough to force him or her to sing like a canary.

Now that Mueller is preparing to start arresting people on charges that have nothing to do with Russia, there is a new effort in Congress to have the whole investigation shut down and redirected towards the Clintons.

The President is demanding that Congress shut this down. That means that he is demanding that YOU hold Congress' feet to the fire and force them to act!

Shut. It. Down. Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and demand that Congress immediately shut down this sham investigation and go after the real crimes committed by the DNC, Clintons, and Obama administration!

Every time that Trump issues a demand to Congress, he is really counting on you to do the same. We've already seen that the GOP establishment is committed to taking Trump down. But YOU have the power to strike fear into these RINOs. Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake were forced to announce their retirement after realizing that voters were going to remove them from power.

As we've been saying, not everyone in Congress is willing to fall on the sword and ruin their careers to undermine Trump. A lot of them are absolutely terrified that they will be voted out and they are starting to turn their backs on the establishment NeverTrumpers.

This is how we win, but we are literally up against the clock!

Tell Congress this has gone too far! Send your instant FaxBlast and answer President Trump's call to FORCE Congress to put a stop to Mueller's sham investigation and focus on the real crimes committed by the DNC, Clintons, and Obama administration!