Urgent: Democrats are now demanding that the GOP give the Deep State control over Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation!

From the moment that Donald Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, the Left promised to stall and delay everything they possibly could.

Last week, we saw the GOP cave to their demands and authorize a one-week supplemental background check into the unfounded and uncorroborated allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats had been demanding a one week delay and got what they wanted.

The Democrats also agreed that the background check should be "limited in scope," meaning agents can only investigate "credible claims."

Those were all lies.

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are once again demanding that the Republicans delay Kavanaugh's final vote to give the FBI as much time as it needs to investigate. They want to hand this over to the Deep State, the same government employees who have spent the last year trying to destroy the President.

Just like last time, they are pressuring moderate Republicans to flip. They CANNOT succeed again!

Don't let the Dems and GOP give the Deep State the power to investigate Brett Kavanaugh! Send your instant FaxBlast right now and DEMAND they move forward with the confirmation vote now!

The only thing that the FBI is doing is interviewing witnesses and "victims." They aren't launching a criminal investigation. They are simply collecting testimony, the same way that Congress did. If anyone's testimony differs from what they've already told Congress last week, then they will be prosecuted for felonies. The whole thing is just a waste of time. But that's exactly what the Democrats want.

Elizabeth Warren today came out and ordered the FBI to disregard the President and remove the limits on the scope.

"We need a thorough, independent FBI investigation into claims of Brett Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct. We can't limit witnesses. We can't limit the scope," Warren demanded.

Why is the Left so angry after getting everything they wanted? They aren't interested in getting to the truth. They are only interested in stalling Kavanaugh's final vote as long as possible. They don't care how many people they hurt or families they destroy. To the Democrats, destroying Brett Kavanaugh's reputation is just collateral damage in their pursuit of power.

Warren and the Dems are now ordering the FBI to investigate Brett Kavanaugh's testimony too, just like they ordered the FBI to disregard Trump's declassification orders. The Left wants a thorough criminal investigation into every single word Kavanaugh said under oath.

Already, so-called Republicans are starting to cave. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), the RINO traitor who caused this whole delay, is joining the Democrats and ordering the FBI to investigate anything and everything related to Kavanaugh's high school and college years. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), the other swing vote, is demanding that the FBI "follow up on any leads that result from the interviews."

We saw this same thing with the FBI's Russia Witch Hunt. When Robert Mueller was appointed, there was zero evidence of collusion in the Trump campaign. FBI lovebird Lisa Page admitted that under oath.

But even though there was no evidence of collusion, and there hasn't been any evidence discovered in the past year and a half, the Mueller probe has now expanded to look at other aspects of the Trump Presidency. They're looking for anything to take the President down.

Now, we are seeing the same strategy deployed against Brett Kavanaugh... and the GOP is caving again.

Mitch McConnell is now instructing the FBI to expand its scope to make the Democrats "happy."

The Deep State wants the power to investigate Brett Kavanaugh. Tell Congress NO! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to block the Deep State from expanding the Kavanaugh investigation!

The "limited" investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh is now turning into another out-of-control witch hunt. The Left is demanding that every aspect of Kavanaugh's life be investigated, including the "fart jokes" in his sophomore yearbook and his statement under oath that he "loves beer."

They will not rest until they find something to destroy this man's life.

I tried calling Congress yesterday. In both the House and the Senate, all of the phone lines were slammed. The left is mobilizing all of its organizations to put maximum pressure on Congress to block the confirmation. In the House, they are demanding that Kavanaugh be impeached, whether or not he is promoted to the Supreme Court.

Our FaxBlast system guarantees immediate delivery. If the lines are busy, we will resend the faxblasts until every single one is delivered. When you join one of our FaxBlast campaigns, your letter is literally printed out in Congressional offices. They can't ignore them.

Emails get deleted. Phone calls simply get tallied up by Congressional interns answering the phones. Mailing a letter won't get their in time. Only our FaxBlast system guarantees instantaneous physical delivery.

Now is the time for you to fight. The GOP caved last week and agreed to a delay. The Left is demanding today that Republicans let the FBI investigate anything they want about Judge Kavanaugh.

They want to give the Deep State control over this Supreme Court nomination... and the GOP is going to give it to them!

You MUST stop the Republicans from surrendering again!

Defend Kavanaugh! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they block the Deep State from expanding the Kavanaugh investigation!

Don't let them do this!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily