We ran a MASSIVE pressure campaign last week. Together with your help, we bombarded Congress with a ton of FaxBlasts demanding that they bust through the Establishment obstruction and begin issuing subpoenas against the Obama administration and Deep State crooks responsible for spying on Donald Trump's campaign associates. As part of that pressure program, we named the GOPers responsible for the delay and, yes, shamed them. And it worked.

Just days after our FaxBlasts flooded into their offices, Ron Johnson (R-WI) announced that he was issuing subpoenas and ordering the players to appear and answer for their actions.

Ron Johnson forced a committee vote and the GOP narrowly was able to approve subpoenas to compel testimony from both former-FBI Director James Comey and former-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. More subpoenas are being written up, but we do know that cowards like Mitt Romney stopped a subpoena from being issued to compel testimony from witnesses involved in the Biden Ukraine Quid Pro Quo scandal.

We were tough on Ron Johnson and he deserved it. He claimed to be powerless when he actually held all the power to issue these subpoenas. Make no mistake: he called for this vote -- something he said would never be possible -- because you rose up and threatened to throw him and others out of Congress if they didn't start dragging these crooks in to testify.

Lindsey Graham, however, is still refusing to do what is necessary. He went on television to brag about Comey testifying at the end of the month, but that is being done in Johnson's Governmental Affairs Committee, not Graham's Judiciary Committee. Graham admitted that he is "negotiating" with former-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok had "refused" to testify, and that Robert Mueller is not expected to be called to answer for his team's crimes.

Lindsey Graham has the power to unilaterally issue subpoenas to whomever he wants. But instead of forcing them to testify, he is wasting time by asking them to voluntarily appear... This is nothing but another attempt to run out the clock on the obamagate investigation!

Don't let the GOP cowards run out the clock! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND subpoenas be issued to each and every Deep State co-conspirator involved in these illegal witchhunts!

The first Mueller attorney has already pled guilty to a felony, and implicated his Deep State colleagues in the scheme to mislead the FISA Court in order to continue spying on an innocent Trump advisor.

But when the Inspector General went to investigate the other major players on the Mueller Team, they handed over phones that had been completely wiped clean. Top Mueller Prosecutor Andrew Weissman and others all claim that they suddenly forgot the passwords to get into their phone and spent over an hour and a half entering incorrect passwords, prompting their devices to 'self-destruct' by erasing all of the data.

This is criminal. These Mueller officials committed obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and destruction of government documents. They lied to investigators, lied to the FISA court, violated innocent Americans' rights under the color of law, engaged in a seditious conspiracy in their attempt to remove the duly-elected President from office.

When you add up all of the Mueller officials who committed these crimes, they should be facing (combined) more than a thousand years behind bars.

But Lindsey Graham is still refusing to touch it. Instead of issuing the subpoenas - something he has the authority to do himself - Graham is calling on the DOJ's Inspector General to investigate the Mueller team.

What's wrong with that? Well, the Inspector General knew about these destroyed phones years ago and did not refer anyone for prosecution. Even if IG Michael Horowitz were to discover criminal activity, the Inspector General is not allowed to convene a Grand Jury. The only thing that the IG can do is divy out punishments to current-government employees. Considering that almost all of the Mueller team have now left government employment, they can't be punished by the IG or even compelled to answer his questions...

Yes, it is good news that Ron Johnson took action and issued subpoenas against Comey and Clapper. But as we saw from that same committee vote, the Establishment still rose up to stop subpoenas from being issued to witnesses in the Biden-Ukraine scandal. Mitt Romney unapologetically torpedoed the vote, saying that he believed the investigation into Biden's abuse of power and corrupt acts in Ukraine was purely political...

Now, we are seeing Lindsey Graham follow the same GOP strategy of promising action, but doing the bare minimum.

We have proven that our FaxBlast campaign works. It gets results. I can't tell you how often we get calls from Congressional offices begging us to stop overloading their systems.

We can still win this fight. We just need to double down and fight harder!

Don't let the GOP cowards run out the clock! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND subpoenas be issued to each and every Deep State co-conspirator involved in these illegal witchhunts!

Last week, one of the lawyers working on the Durham Investigation resigned, claiming she felt pressured to release the results of the investigation before the election. The Deep State never thought they would get caught, and now they are doing everything they can to stop the American people from learning the truth and prevent Obama officials from being prosecuted before the election.

Congress is our last hope here. But unfortunately, both parties want to sweep this all under the rug. They would rather cover up the Deep State's crimes than get to work investigating and prosecuting the crimes.

But we can still win this fight. Ron Johnson's flip-flop shows that our campaigns are working. We just need to keep up the pressure!

Don't let the GOP cowards run out the clock! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND subpoenas be issued to each and every Deep State co-conspirator involved in these illegal witchhunts!

Hold their feet to the fire!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily