This week, a Federal judge permanently blocked the Trump administration from going after sanctuary cities. The President was threatening to withhold law enforcement grants from any city or state that hides illegal aliens or helps them avoid being arrested by Federal agents.

It's a common sense move. If cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, New York, and Philadelphia don't want to help Federal law enforcement, then they don't deserve Federal law enforcement grants.

Judge William H. Orrick made the announcement that he was permanently blocking Trump from cracking down on these sanctuary cities. Of course, he was an Obama appointee.

The fact of the matter is, however, that this shouldn't even be happening. The House of Representatives passed a bill called Kate's law back in late June. This bill would pull federal funding from any sanctuary jurisdiction that stops Federal agents from arresting illegal alien criminals.

This weekend will mark 150 days since this legislation arrived at Mitch McConnell's desk. For the last half year, Mitch McConnell has stopped this common sense bill from reaching Trump's desk.

He is a coward and it is because of HIM that illegal alien criminals continue to be released onto the streets!

 Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them pass Kate's Law by any means necessary, or else be removed from office!

I live in Denver. A year ago, Denver Police picked up a man named Ever Valles on a number of charges, including grand theft auto and illegal possession of a firearm. Immediately, his arrest sent off alarms at the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office. He was an illegal alien wanted for serious gang crimes.

Federal agents informed the Denver Sheriff's Office that they wanted to take Valles into custody and asked for advanced warning before he was let go so that they could arrest him as soon as he walked out of the local jail.

A few weeks went by. A close to midnight, just a couple days before Christmas, the local Sheriff faxed the ICE office announcing that Valles would be released imminently. No one was in the office to receive the fax and even if they were, the local Sheriff released Valles from prison just 30 minutes after the fax was sent. Not nearly enough time for Federal agents to drive all the way across town.

A month and a half later, Valles was back behind bars. He killed an innocent man at a train station in cold blood. Just this month, we learned that Prosecutors had "struck a deal" with the illegal alien murderer and will let him plead guilty to lesser charges.

This is absolute madness. The city's sanctuary city policy literally got a man murdered. They prioritized an illegal alien gang banger over their residents and deliberately stopped the Federal government from making an arrest. 

Kate's Law would put a stop to this. Anytime an illegal alien criminal is apprehended, they would face mandatory minimum Federal prison sentences. If they were repeat offenders, then they would face decades in prison and then deportation as soon as they are released. It has the votes to pass and the President is begging to sign it. Yet, Mitch McConnell won't let it reach the floor. Instead, he and his allies are working on an amnesty bill to let these criminals stay!

 Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them pass Kate's Law by any means necessary, or else be removed from office!

The fact is that McConnell and the GOP establishment have been blocking Kate's Law for years, ever since an illegal alien gunned down Kate Steinle in broad daylight on a San Francisco pier. The jury just began deliberating the illegal alien's murder trial. After two days, they haven't returned a verdict. 

There are actually jurors who want to set an illegal alien murderer free.

President Trump is standing alone. The judges are trying to protect these illegal alien criminals. Mitch McConnell and the GOP refuse to hold sanctuary cities accountable. And now, a jury is poised to set an illegal alien murderer free. 

But President Trump isn't standing alone, not as long as YOU stand with him!

It is time to bust through the establishment and FORCE passage of Kate's Law before any more Americans die at the hands of these illegal alien criminals!

No more waiting. Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass Kate's Law by any means necessary, or else be removed from office!