With everything going on in the country with the Chinese Coronavirus, it is easy to get tunnel vision. The fact of the matter is that latest antibody studies from cities like New York and California suggest that the virus has a 99+ percent survival rate.

Every loss of life is a tragedy, but it is now painfully obvious that Leftists deliberately used this crisis to enact gun control agendas that never would have passed normally...

To this day, California residents in metro counties are still being blocked from purchasing firearms or ammunition. That ban even applies to people who have already purchased a firearm and passed the background check, but merely need to pick it up from the store. New York has followed California's lead and threatened gun store owners with arrest if they dare open their doors.

In Pennsylvania, their governor's state of emergency declaration makes it illegal to open carry in the state. Virginia's governor -- you know, the one known for wearing blackface and/or a KKK hood -- used the coronavirus lockdown as an excuse to sign gun control bills into law restricting how many firearms someone is allowed to buy, forcing gun owners to notify the government when they acquire a new gun, and give the government the power to confiscate guns from innocent people. In Denver, a man was arrested at a Reopen Colorado protest because he was openly carrying a handgun, something that is supposed to be a right protected by the state's constitution...

We also had hoped that the Supreme Court would finally intervene this week. For the first time in over a decade, the highest court had agreed to hear a 2nd Amendment case -- NY State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York. The case was designed to force the Court to declare, once and for all, that Americans have a right to bring their firearms outside.

Yes, the question posed by the case was that simple. But, at the last minute, New York changed its law to render the case moot, or already settled. They tried to block the Supreme Court from issuing a nationwide ruling... and it worked. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Leftists on the bench and dismissed the case as moot. This was our big chance to finally take back our 2nd Amendment rights but, once again, Roberts sided with the Leftists to stab us in the back...

We have out of control governors and mayors openly violating our rights and instead of defending the Constitution, these unelected judges are letting these violations stay in place.

Enough is enough. It is up to all of us -- YOU included -- to stand up right now and fight for the 2nd Amendment!

Fight back against the anti-gun Left! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to intervene and STOP these radical mayors and governors from violating Americans' 2nd Amendment rights!

We are experiencing unprecedented levels of tyranny in this country. You would have to go all the way back the American Revolution to find a government on this continent that was more tyrannical than some of the stuff we are seeing today. 

The Leftists are using this crisis as an excuse to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. As I said, this virus now appears to have a 99+ percent survival rate. And the Left used this virus as an excuse to cancel the 2nd Amendment...

In California, a State Assemblyman recently introduced a proposal to shut down all gun stores indefinitely. California is going to start re-opening sections of its economy, but these Leftists believe that gun stores should be the last ones to re-open their doors.

And a Federal Judge -- Consuelo B Marshall, appointed by Jimmy Carter -- has now given California the green light to keep gun stores closed indefinitely...

But as I said, it's not just California. We are seeing the 2nd Amendment getting trampled-on all over the country.

Our predecessors knew a day like this could come. They wrote the 14th Amendment to ensure that when cities and states are caught violating the people's rights, we would have a way to stop them.

The 14th Amendment gives Congress the power, nay the obligation to stop cities and states from violating Americans' rights.

It reads that "no State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property" and "the Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article."

The courts don't have our back. Not only did the Supreme Court abandon us, but lower court judges are actually declaring these gun bans to be constitutional. Attorney General Bill Barr only just gave DOJ prosecutors the power to investigate cities and states for violating Americans' rights. Even if the DOJ was to take action, it would be months away.

The only way to get relief is to FORCE Congress to intervene right now!

Fight back against the anti-gun Left! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to intervene and STOP these radical mayors and governors from violating Americans' 2nd Amendment rights!

It is amazing to me that the Leftists declaring that you don't need to be able to defend yourself are the same ones releasing the convicted criminals from prison.

Since NY Governor Andrew Cuomo forced gun stores to close and started releasing criminals from prison a month ago, the murder rate in New York City has jumped up 55 percent (compared to last year's numbers). If you just look at the week spanning April 13-19, the murder rate in New York City was 100 percent higher than it was that same week last year. In the last month, burglaries are also up 25 percent.

At a time when Americans desperately need to be able to defend themselves, Leftists are forcing them to be sitting ducks...

We don't have to take this. We don't have to wait for unelected judges or executive officials to intervene. You can put a stop to this right now!

Our goal today is to absolutely bury Congress with a half-million FaxBlasts -- in their DC and district offices -- FORCING them to put a stop to this and restore all Americans' 2nd Amendment rights.

But we need your help to win this fight. We can't do it without you!

Fight back against the anti-gun Left! You must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to intervene and STOP these radical mayors and governors from violating Americans' 2nd Amendment rights!

Stand up for your rights!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily