Breaking Right Now: A Key GOP Congressman is demanding Congress block the wall and use the funding to increase foreign aid to countries in Central and South America.

President Trump did something remarkable on Monday. He got Mexico to agree to a new and better trade deal. On the campaign trail, then-Candidate Trump released a whitepaper on all of the ways Mexico could be forced to pay for the wall. One of those was correcting trade imbalances.

Companies that do business with Mexico will keep more of their wealth. As a result, they will pay billions more in taxes over the lifetime of this deal. 

Right there, Trump created the funds to build the border wall. 

After the preliminary trade deal was announced, Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso declared that Mexico would never pay for the border wall. But the plan was never to force Mexico to directly pay for the wall. Under this new deal, the United States will get billions more from Mexico and its companies, more than enough to fund the wall.

But the GOP doesn't care. They don't care that Donald Trump just negotiated all of the funding to build the wall. They are flat-out refusing to authorize border wall construction.

Just yesterday, a key Republican Congressman announced that he would not allow the wall to be funded. Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) just came back from a trip to Central America and instead of building the wall, he wants to give these Central and South American countries more foreign aid.

"The 32 billion that would go into a border wall, I'm just even more convinced that it would be better spent with some of these existing programs," Hurd declared.

Instead of protecting Americans, this man wants to give the wall funding to foreign countries instead to help their people.

It's absolutely shameful, but shows just how insane the GOP establishment's position has become.

The Senate has now stripped the border wall funding from their Homeland Security Appropriations Bill and as soon as the House begins debating their version, Ryan has promised vulnerable Republicans that he will strip out the funding as well. Ryan doesn't think it is worth it to fight with the Senate over the wall...

Don't let the Republicans get away with this sabotage! Tell Congress right now to fully fund the wall or else be removed from office!

That is literally what the GOP is promising to do. McConnell is refusing to fund the border wall until after the mid-term elections. He wants you to give up all of your leverage and just trust that he'll do the right thing.

I don't trust him. I don't trust any of them.

Paul Ryan is just as spineless. After seeing that McConnell refuses to fund the wall, Ryan told Conservatives that he has "no choice" but to defund the project as well in order to avoid a government shutdown.

Which is an amazing statement because President Trump has promised to shutdown the government himself if Ryan and McConnell don't approve the wall.

The GOP actually thinks this is a winning issue. They actually think that the path to holding onto their power is stabbing the American people in the back on immigration.

Which really tells you all you need to know about the GOP establishment. They are willing to keep the border wide open in order to hold onto power for another two years... They don't care about how many Americans are victimized or killed as a result. They only thing that the GOP leadership seems interested in is preserving their own power.

We saw what happened to Kate Steinle, Sarah Root, and now Mollie Tibbetts. No one can ever guarantee that a border wall would have kept them alive. But we know for a fact that a border wall would decrease the number of illegal alien criminals entering the country, which would decrease the number of Americans victimized at their hands.

I have told this story a couple of times, but two weeks ago, an illegal alien tried to climb over a 20-foot tall border fence in California. When he reached the top, he lost his balance and fell onto American soil. He broke both of his legs and is now on the fast track to be deported.

An illegal alien can't shoot an innocent American like Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier with two broken legs. Nor can an illegal alien with two broken legs chase a young girl like Mollie Tibbetts and murder her in a corn field.

Walls work. Period.

The GOP is trying to give away the wall funding in foreign aid! Quick, tell Congress right now to fully fund the wall or else be removed from office!

The House just got back into session. The Senate returns to session on Friday. The GOP is deliberately leaving their schedule for Friday blank. They don't want you to see it coming. They want to defund the wall fast enough to stop you from holding them accountable.

Without your intervention, they will block the border wall yet again. Not only that, but they will strip the funding from the wall projects Trump currently has in these border states. Tens of miles of new border walls are being constructed along the southern border. If the GOP establishment wins, those projects would stop half-finished.

President Trump has already secured the funding for the wall, indirectly through an amended trade deal with Mexico. This isn't an issue of funding anymore. We can afford it.

The only reason the wall isn't being approved is because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell don't want it to be authorized!

They would rather a thousand Americans be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness than appropriate one cent to the border wall. They're even willing to give it all away in foreign aid to countries in Central and South America, just to stop the wall from being built.

They must be stopped!

Don't let them get away with this! Please, tell Congress right now to fully fund the wall and stop this ludicrous plan to give Central American countries more foreign aid instead!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily