Fellow American,

Yes, you read that title correctly. The Head of the IRS has announced that amnestied illegal aliens will have the right to claim thousands of dollars in tax credits they shouldn’t even qualify for!

That’s because our tax laws were never intended to deal with legalized illegal aliens. It is known as the earned income tax credit. Low-to-moderate income Americans get money back from the IRS in the form of credits.

The goal is to make it easier for these Americans to make end’s meet.

But the way the law is written, it also leaves the door open for legalized immigrants to apply for the tax credit as well. Now of course, the law’s authors never envisioned a situation where a lawless President would legalize 5 million illegal aliens in one fell swoop.

If Obama’s amnesty is implemented, illegal aliens taking advantage of this tax loophole will cost American taxpayers $1.7 BILLION!

Tell Congress to close the Earned Income Tax Credit loophole and stop the IRS from granting tax refunds to illegal aliens!

All we hear from the Left is that illegal aliens need to pay their fair share of taxes and become right with the law.

So why on earth are we giving these illegal aliens $1.7 billion in tax credits?

The IRS is going to allow newly legalized illegal aliens to go back three years and apply for tax refunds. But here’s the problem. These illegals weren’t paying taxes three years ago. By all accounts, they shouldn’t be eligible for these tax credits.

But Obama’s IRS is going to give it to them anyway.

Meanwhile, the President has said that he plans to use an executive order to increase taxes on Americans.

That is how backwards this has become. Americans are watching their tax dollars being funneled to illegal aliens.

Barack Obama promised that he would fundamentally transform America by redistributing wealth. What he didn’t say was that your tax dollars would be used to subsidize illegal aliens!

It’s true that John Boehner surrendered to Obama’s amnesty. But what you might not have known is that 70% of Congressional Republicans voted AGAINST Boehner’s plan.


The only reason that Boehner’s sabotage succeeded is because the RINOs teamed up with the Democrats to get the bill passed. There are 245 Republicans in the House of Representatives. 167 of them voted against Boehner.

Now is the time to pounce. Now is the time to FORCE Congress to dismantle Obama’s amnesty piece by piece.

Boehner and his RINO allies are shaking in their boots. They know that their hold on the party’s leadership is slipping away. As it stands now, they will probably lose control of the House because of their antics. In political terms, they know that they made a lot of Conservatives angry and they are desperate to do something to regain that trust.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) is introducing legislation that would prohibit so-called ‘amnesty bonuses” and stop illegal aliens from receiving any tax credits at all. The Obama administration has already received 100,000 amnesty applications. If this loophole is not closed NOW then tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars will be given away to illegal aliens.

We let Boehner stab us in the back and fund Obama’s amnesty. For now, Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction against the administration still stands. But who knows how long that will last…

You need to make sure that Congress dismantles these amnesty bonuses immediately! Americans work hard for their money and to think that this administration would give your tax dollars back to illegal aliens is abominable.

No bonuses for illegal aliens! Stop Obama’s IRS from giving amnesty bonuses to illegal aliens!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily