A radical Federal judge in Hawaii just rewrote President Trump's refugee ban to allow practically anyone into the country!

When the Supreme Court released an order allowing President Trump's travel ban to go into effect, the Justices made an exemption for refugees with bonafide family relationships in the United States. The Trump administration interpreted this to mean nuclear family members (father, mother, siblings).

The obvious fear is that people would show up at the US border and demand entry because their second cousin once removed lives here. These sorts of distant family members were deliberately left out.

Well, District Judge Derrick Watson just intervened. Obviously angry that the Supreme Court overruled his initial attempts to block the President, he found a loophole that allowed him to rewrite the family-ties part of the executive order.

Starting today, refugees will be allowed into the country if they can prove that one of their grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins lives in the US.

If they can prove they are biologically related to anyone in the United States, this Judge is demanding that Trump let them in.

This judge needs to be impeached.

Send your message to Congress and demand that they put a stop to this leftist, judicial activism by any means necessary!

Derrick Watson is the Obama-appointed Federal Judge one who originally blocked Trump's executive order. He was so off-base that the Supreme Court had to step in and smack him down.

There is nothing more embarassing for a Judge than to be overturned by a unanimous Supreme Court. It is the ultimate evidence that a judge's opinion and logic is flawed. This man tried to rewrite the Constitution to take immigration out of Trump's hands. The Supreme Court unanimously affirmed that the President has the power to set immigration policy.

Now he's back. Still licking his wounds, Judge Watson has intervened to actually rewrite the President's order. Apparently, trying and failing to rewrite the constitution wasn't enough for him...

His order says that any refugee with a blood relative living in the United States, however distant, must be admitted into the country. Not only that, but by listing brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, he has also opened the floodgates for refugees to use their non-blood relatives as well.

This is madness. He tried to shut down the President and was overruled by the Supreme Court. Now he is rewriting the President's order to let practically anyone in anyway.

He must be stopped and impeached!

Send your message and tell Congress RIGHT NOW to take action against this leftist, activist judge and use every tool at their disposal - including impeachment - to stop him from legislating from the bench!

No rest until he is stopped.