Fellow Conservative,

The President just came out and announced that he is officially beginning the process of closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay and moving the remaining terrorists here to the United States.

In this past September, Congress passed a law making it illegal for the President to (1) close the facility or (2) move terrorists to the American mainland. Barack Obama signed this bill into law.

What the President is doing is illegal. Period. He plans to move the terrorists to the US mainland in complete violation of the law.

He doesn’t care. He’s doing it anyway. And word is that not only does he plan to close the prison, but he is considering surrendering the entire naval base and giving it back to Cuba when he visits Raul Castro sometime next month.

This is Obama’s most unconstitutional act yet. With a vacancy on the Supreme Court, there is no judicial recourse and Obama knows it. Congress can’t sue the President because it would likely be a 4-4 tie and wouldn’t stop a thing.

The only recourse is impeachment and you know it. The only way to stop these terrorists from being moved to American prisons is impeachment!

What Obama just announced is unconstitutional! Demand that Congress impeach him before he closes and surrenders Guantanamo Bay!

I wish that it didn’t come down to this, but it’s literally the only solution.

Never before have we had a Presiden so lawless. Never before have we had a President sign a bill into law and then, within half a year, announce that the law is irrelevant. Once his signature hits the paper, he is powerless. The President is bound by the law. The Constitution says that he has a duty to make sure that the law be ‘faithfully executed.’ But when it comes to issues like gun control, illegal immigration, and now Guantanamo Bay, the President has chosen to violate the law and rule against Congress.

Congress can’t sue the President. They’d never win in a 4-4 Supreme Court. They just passed the budget, so if we wait for the next budget process, it’ll be too late.

The only way to stop him is impeachment. It’s the only tool they have left at their disposal. The only way to stop Obama from moving over 60 terrorists to the US mainland is impeachment.

There’s no doubt that impeachment is something only to be used as a last resort. But we are literally at the end of the line. Congress has passed resolutions, budgets, and even passed laws that explicitly prohibit what the President’s doing. Yet, Obama persists.

The Founding Fathers gave We the People the power of impeachment for just this type of scenario. Otherwise, the republic is dead. If Obama gets away with so blatantly violating the law, it will be open season for the last 10 months of his Presidency! You have a civic duty to impeach this President.

Obama just said that he will close Guantanamo no matter what. It's up to you to force Congress to stop him once and for all!

Obama just literally shredded the law and the constitution. Don’t let him close Guantanamo and surrender the naval base to the Cubans! Force Congress to file Articles of Impeachment now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily