Dear Conservative,

There is no doubt in my mind that there are now terrorists operating on American soil. Whether they are in ISIS, Al Qaeda, you name it… If they haven’t already gotten through, it is just a matter of time, given this administration’s idiotic policies…

It’s difficult to believe otherwise, given what has happened…

Abdirahman Muhumed came to the United States as a refugee from Somalia. He was in need and the United States welcomed him. He settled down in Minneapolis and got a job at the airport cleaning planes for Delta Airlines.

In all respects, it looked like this man had made it. It looked like the American dream was alive and well. Then all of a sudden, he disappeared…

He would eventually turn up not in Minnesota, but in Syria. Abdirahman Muhumed had given up everything and gone to join ISIS in Syria, where he was ultimately killed in battle…

Earlier this year, Barack Obama’s State Department issued an executive action to change America’s immigration policy to allow people with a “limited” terrorist history to get asylum here in the United States…

That means that right now, there are people just like Abdirahman Muhumed who are waiting to come here LEGALLY! Even though they may have a history of supporting terrorism, the Obama administration is going to give these people asylum because their terrorist history is apparently irrelevant!

This is madness! Tell Congress to CLOSE the border now and STOP Obama from welcoming terrorists into the US with open arms!

The entire system has been rigged to allow terrorists and known radicals to come to the United States, all because of “political correctness.” The fact that the Obama administration is knowingly granting asylum to refugees with terrorist histories is UNACCEPTABLE!

But we also have to deal with the fact that our southern border with Mexico is one of the least secure borders in the First World. Absolutely anyone can cross into the United States from Mexico, or even Canada, and disappear into society without ever coming into contact with Border Patrol.

That’s because Obama has the Border Patrol set up miles away from the border!

The government isn’t telling us the truth about this. We are being told that the border crisis exclusively involves Hispanic children from Central America. This misinformation is deliberate. It is done to lull you into a false sense of security!

The truth is that Border Patrol and Law Enforcement are catching and detaining Middle Eastern illegal aliens all the time. Since 2010, thousands of Middle Easterners have been caught trying to enter the United States.

Texas rancher Cuban “Rusty” Monsees has seen it all when it comes to illegal aliens moving across his land.

“We get kids, we get adults, the cartel is bringing across, importing people from as far away as the Mediterranean. I’ve talked to agents and they’ve picked up some characters from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria... anything you can think of, these agents are having to deal with.”

Now, this is only one man… But Rusty claims that Border Patrol recently caught half a dozen Middle Eastern illegal aliens on his property who, according to the agents, were found to be on a terrorist watch/wanted list.

That’s based on his discussion with Border Patrol agents.

We know that people of Middle Eastern descent are being caught at the border, yet we don’t hear anything about it! The media is silent on it. Hundreds of Middle Eastern illegals are caught every year and God only knows how many have been able to sneak through!

This is madness! Tell Congress to CLOSE the border now and STOP Obama from welcoming terrorists into the US with open arms!

We’re getting it from all sides. We have Barack H. Obama relaxing our immigration system to make it easier for terrorist refugees to get asylum in the United States and at the same time, the President has left the Southern Border nearly unsecure to allow anyone and everyone to just walk right into the country!

We know for a FACT that terrorists and radicals are getting asylum here. Just look at Abdirahman Muhumed… not only did he get asylum here but he was given a security clearance to clean commercial planes at an international airport! Think about that for a second.

And we only found out about this man’s terrorist leanings after he had been killed in combat fighting for ISIS in Syria!

Enough is enough! We have intelligence analysts telling us that a terrorist attack on our Southern Border is imminent… we have leaked government documents showing that hundreds of Arab illegals are being caught every year… We have proof that terrorists and radicals are immigrating here legally, thanks to Obama… What other evidence do you need before you stand up and DEMAND that this stop???

The Obama administration has essentially opened the doors to the world’s terrorists. If they can’t figure out a way to immigrate here legally, the Southern Border is wide open for them to just walk across!

How many terrorists has Obama let in? How many terrorists have gotten into America because of this administration’s political correctness and refusal to secure the border? We know of at least one.

The better question is, now that you know this is going on, how many more terrorists will you allow to come into the country before you rise up and stop this?!

One would be far too many. You need to act NOW!

Tell Congress to CLOSE the border now and STOP Obama from welcoming terrorists into the US with open arms!

Won’t stop until the border is closed,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily